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Jakobi's 1st birthday & photo shoot.

Hi guys!
Happy Friday! what's your weekend looking like? Well, mine is going to be filled with a good old first birthday celebration! Yes, this weekend the sweetest little boy I know turns one year old and he just so happens to be my godson.

Jakobi Bryson. This little guy is going to do big things one day. Although his birthday isn't for a few more days, I just wanted to post this early to make sure I didn't miss anything. Around this time last year, Dayjhan and I were heading to the airport to catch a plane for our honeymoon when we got the call that Miranda (Jakobi's mom) was in labor with him. I didn't get to meet him for a few weeks after that, but when I did finally get to meet him he was everything. When Miranda asked me to shoot photos for his first birthday I was so honored. I am not a photographer and don't claim to be, but I had a ton of fun shooting photos with this sweet boy. Not only did he do so well during his photos but he's extremely photogenic. Which made this shoot even easier.

Mr. Jakobi Bryson I hope you have the happiest 1st birthday ever and many, many more to come.
 I love you.

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