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Mom on a budget: 3 tips for back to school shopping.

Hi guys!
 Summer is like kinda sort of over right? So what does that mean? It's time to go back to school! Yes, while I did enjoy the time with Ivy while she's been out this summer, it's time to get back to the learning. Which means it's time for back to school shopping! Which also means notebooks, pencils, crayons the whole nine yards! Back to school shopping can be rough. Rather your little ones have to go back next week or next month this is the post for you. Because today I am sharing my 3 tips for back to school shopping.

Tip 1. Make a list: Before heading to the store with two toddlers I like making a list of things I need. The quicker I can get in and out of the store with them the better. So for back to school shopping create a list of things you may need from each aisle. Typically the teacher will mail out a list of what your child needs for class. This will make life so much easier. 

Tip 2. Take your kid(s) with you: Back to school shopping can be really boring for us parents but really fun for little ones. Seeing all these brand new backpack designs and cool notebooks can really spark up excitement for them. It's their time and their school year. Let them help pick out their notebooks and that cool backpack. Let them do it their way and allow them to get involved and have fun with it.

Tip 3. Shop the sales: There are a ton of stores with a ton of back to school sales. If you're like me you like to get your money's worth. So do a little research and find out which stores have the best sales. I find that the best back to school sales are at Walmart. You can find notebooks for as little as 15 cents! and crayons for as little as 40 cents! as I'd like to say what a steal! what a deal!

I hope you guys find these tips helpful (bonus tip) don't forget to stick to your budget and only buy what you need. I think that one kind of goes without saying. Any-who summers over! kids are in school cheers to back to school and a great school year too.