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Safe & fun bath time with Nuby.

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I don't know about you mamas but bath time for my kids is a great time for me. It's literally the only time where I can do things like fold laundry, make dinner, or just lay down in peace and quiet. Bath time is also one of the only time where Ivy and Aria aren't fighting or pulling each others hair out. Bath time is a peaceful time for all in the Carr household. Not only is it a peaceful time but a safe time as well. Making sure that the girls are having fun and being safe is a top priority of mine. So to keep it that way I have some super fun Nuby faves to share with you.

 Nuby is obviously one of my favorite go-to brands for my girls. They absolutely love it, and they love when we receive our Nuby packages. So in today's post, it's all about Nuby and bath time. Safety first! with our Nuby little hippo spout guard. The little hippo spout guard is a soft protective cover for your bathtubs hard faucet. Made for ages 6 months plus it fits perfectly over many standard bathtub faucets. With squirting features that include water from its mouth and nose, your little's will be sure to have a blast with this hippo. Plus you will be sure to have peace of mind knowing they are safe. The little hippo spout guard is BPA and this mama approves.                        

Picture of Hippo Spout Guard
Nuby little hippo spout guard.

Then we have Nuby's little squirts. With 10 fun and colorful little aquatic characters to choose from, your little's will never want bath time to end. Helping little's to encourage being imaginative and coordinating play. All they have to do is squeeze the little squirts for a splash of water and excitement. These too are BPA free and are sold at major retailers like Amazon.

Picture of Little Squirts™ Bath Squirters - 10 pack
So grab yourself these Nuby products today and make bath time out of this world, safe & peacefully!

Thank you Nuby for our bath goodies!

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