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Sunflowers on Saturday.

Hi guys!
Happy Friday! The weekend is nearly here. How was your weekend last weekend? Mine was sunny and really yellow, and no I'm not just talking about the forecast. Two weeks ago when I and my husband took a trip to San Francisco for our anniversary (read about it here) we passed a filed. I couldn't help but notice all the beautiful, bright yellow sunflowers. There they we're lined up perfectly in a field so dreamy and perfect. I deiced that once I got a chance I would take the girls, so that's what I did.

My daughter, myself, and two of my nieces headed to Dixon to see the flowers. The drive was only about 40 minutes away. Although with the traffic it was about a 50-minute drive. Once we got there we were pretty sad to see that every single sunflower had died. Although they still stood very tall, they were very dead. We were just about to turn around and go home when we suddenly saw yellow. Yes! lots, and lots of yellow further down the road. There were so many bright, pretty flowers. Although they were very small and had a ton of bee's buzzing around them they we're everything. We stayed about an hour while the girls ran around and we took turns doing photos of one another. Oh and I'm happy to announce no one was stung by a bee in the process. I heard the best time to see these things are late June or early July, so I am defiantly adding that to my summer 2019 bucket list. But for now, I hope you guys enjoy these photos of me and my girls as much as I enjoy them. I love my little sunflowers.

My beautiful Aria Skye.

My wild one Ivy Rose.

The Carr women, peep Ivy's facial expression.

Kisses for mama.

If only you could hear her tiny giggle.

The flower we're so bright and beautiful. 

Hello, sweet girl.

She gives the greatest hugs ever invented. 

"mama you got some sun in your face."

A little bit of tickles.

One of my favorites, we are twins right?

Enjoy the view.

I love my Ivy.

Wanna know whats better than a sun flower? A rose :)

My favorite of me and Ivy.

Thank you Dixon for such beautiful sun flowers, see you next year.

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  1. I’m dying at how beautiful these pics are!! Love them!! �� ❤️