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5 reasons it's important to have mommy friends.

Hi guys!
Lately I have been talking to a few moms and they have been telling me that they have no mommy friends. I found that this was kind of strange for me because 95% off my friends are mommy friends. As a mommy things get really tough sometimes and I feel like it's so important to have other mommy friends to relate too. So below are 5 tips on why it's important to have mommy friends.

1. Always someone to talk to: Of course you have people in your life to talk to your mother, your husband etc but there's nothing like having a mommy friend to talk and vent to. Who else can relate to getting spit up by their kid like a mommy friend? & who else will understand that you rather stay home with your family on a Friday night and not go party? 

2. Mommy dates: Being able to get out the house and away from the stress of being a mom is amazing. Going on a date with your mommy friends, having a good drink and of course, catching up on the latest cute photos you took of your kids is the best. 

3. Crying with: No matter if Ivy got into my makeup or Aria spilled juice on the floor I know I can always call upon of my mommy friends and have a good cry with them about it. 

4. Support:  Nobody supports you like your mommy friends. They are taking the exact same journey you are. They completely understand what you're going through from a women's point of view. Mommy friends are one of the greatest support systems. 

5. No Judging: You can walk into your mommy friends house and it'll look like total shit. Or your kid can throw a temper tantrum in the aisle of Target and they don't judge you for it. Simply because they are a true mommy friend.

Mommy friends are the best type of friends to have to talk to, venting to, crying with, laughing with, going on mommy dates all that fun stuff. Mommy friends are a life saver.

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