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Carr Fall family getaway with Hotel Azure in Lake Tahoe.

Hi guys!
Questions, have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? 
Have you ever felt the warmth of the lake's water on your body? or the sand in between your toes? Have you ever had a chance to taste the best of the best local food? or experience a walk or bike ride down the streets lined with dozens of tall trees? Trees so tall and comforting they make you feel like you're in a magical forest. Ever had a chance to see such blue skies or meet such friendly people? lake Tahoe makes you feel like you're home and if you've never had a chance to experience this you're in luck because in today's blog post I am bringing you everything you need to know about Lake Tahoe. From where to stay, where to play, where to eat, shop and more. Grab a pen and paper you're going to wanna take notes. 

Back in July, I inked a deal to collaborate with the amazing Hotel Azure of Lake Tahoe on our very first ever sponsored family trip. Fast forward to nearly 3 months later and the day had come. My family and I had been counting down this day for months so we were thrilled it was finally here. We got all our bags in the truck, kids in the car, gas in the tank and we were off! Lake Tahoe is about an hour and a half drive away from home, so we had some snacks and some good music for the road trip. When we got there we checked into Hotel Azure.

Day 1. 
3:00 PM Hotel Azure was beautiful at first sight. Prior to arriving, I had only seen photos online but never in person. I was immediately impressed. The hotel were buildings made up of three stories and stone. Pulling up into the driveway you could already tell from the outside the hotel was amazing because the atmosphere was everything. Upon meeting the staff they were very helpful and friendly, they even allowed us to check in one hour early. We parked our truck and headed off to our room, which was conveniently located very close to the parking lot. We had a ton of bags for the weekend. Hey, can never be too prepared with toddlers right? Also close to our room was the hotel's gym and game room. Where we did visits together as a family. We walked into our room and it was perfect! Where do I even start? comfy queen double beds that felt like clouds for my husband and I and the girls, huge walkway where it was very easy for us to set aside our stroller, walls made of wood so cozy you' think you were in a cabin. Oh, and I can't forget my favorite part, a baloney that had a view of the lake. There were even two stuffed animals waiting for the girls on the dresser with a sweet tiny note for me and my family. Plus there were even a few goodies for my husband and I. This was the greatest way to be greeted. We did a little unpacking and jumping on the beds and headed out for a quick snack. We walked down the street to a spot called Port Of Subs my husband ordered a yummy pastrami sandwich and I got the girls a cookie. We then walked down by the lake and ate.

The sweetest note for my family and I.

The hubby getting his exercise on in the hotels gym.

Around 7:00 it was show time!  The Loft was super generous to host my family and I for the Magic Fusion show with Robert Hall and Johnathon Neal. The show was a little over an hour and so much fun! I never heard my husband laugh so much. Aria was a little sick and ended up sleeping on daddy, but Ivy thought it was great pointing and giggling. Johnathon Neal was a magnificent magician doing tricks like making cards disappear out his hand then reappear in his mouth. Or riding a surfboard in a stray jacket. Ha! you had to be there. Once the show as over we had dinner compliments of the wonderful manager Paul. The service was great and the food was so fulfilling. The kids had a kids meal, my husband shrimp scampi and me steak gonzola. The restaurant vibes were dark and sexy, but still, appropriate very family orientated too. I would recommend The Loft to anyone looking for a dinner and show. Once dinner was over we headed back to our room to get some rest for day 2. 

where to stay: Hotel Azure.

where to play: Magic Fusion Show.

where to eat: The loft, & Port Of Subs.

The funniest magic show we ever seen!

So many celebs on one wall.

Sponge bob after a long day in our comfy beds for the win.

Day 2. 
9:30 AM So, of course, we ended up sleeping in for a little, or at least the kids did. My husband and I woke up a little early. After showering and getting dressed we headed down to Heavenly Village. The best way to explain it is sort of like a shopping center. The night before we had walked through there to get to The Loft but did not really get to check it out so we were excited. We took the kids to a toy store called Village Toys to check out some toys and even headed to a candy shop called Rocket Fizz. But the best part of the village was a little shop called Heavenly Doughnuts. Oh my goodness you guys when I say delicious. I mean DELICIOUS! They make their doughnuts fresh in front of you and you can add your own topping, so yummy and warm. I actually stopped by twice during our stay. I even got the girls a huge shaved ice which they devoured. Once we were done exploring we headed back to our hotel where a bus picked us up to take us on our next adventure courtesy of our friends over at Lake Tahoe cruises. 

Ivy and daddy checking out the pink car aka her favorite.

The bus drove us for about 20 minutes until we got off to go cruising with Lake Tahoe Cruises. Voted The "best cruise in Nevada" this did not disappoint. We were one of the first families to get on and we got a seat by the bar and window. Yes a bar, did I mention the boat had a full bar and lunch? the boat also had an upstairs (which featured a stage for performances and gift shop). This was Aria's first time aboard a boat she was really excited. Once the boat got moving my husband ordered us some food and it didn't take very long to come. It was some great food and big portions, plus free refills on lemonade. Throughout the boat ride through the speakers, we were told stories from years ago with fun facts and some history on the lake. The boat ride was around 2 hours long and we enjoyed each other's companies.

Breathtaking views. 

Hello, captain Ivy Rose.

After the cruise, the boat took us back to the hotel where my husband took our girls swimming and I stayed behind to a little writing. The pool was located right behind our room so I was able to watch my family splash in the pool from our balcony. After they were done and all changed we headed out for bowling courtesy of  the awesome Tahoe Bowl. Tahoe Bowl also happened to be conveniently located on site just a walk away from our hotel, although we took our truck because we planned to do dinner after and didn't wanna walk in the dark with the little's. Tahoe Bowl was a blast! another first for Aria too. We laced up our shoes and it was time to rock and roll! My husband and I helped the girls roll their balls down the lanes, every time Ivy knocked over even one pin she cheered in excitement and screamed. My husband was pretty proud he stayed in the lead the entire time and ended up winning the game. Although it was Saturday night and there was a bunch of people and birthday parties going on the staff was very attentive and sweet, they even gave us free soda. We loved blowing there! After bowling, we drove to Big Daddy Burgers where we had burgers and chili fries for dinner. We then headed back to our hotel to relax for our last night in our beds.

where to play: Lake Tahoe Cruises, Tahoe Bowl, Heavenly Village.

where to eat: Heavenly Doughnuts, Big Daddy Burgers.

D,A,P,I a family of bowlers 

Her excitement made my night.

Day 3. (going home)
10:15 AM the day was here and it was time head home. We were so sad to leave Ivy even asked "mommy and daddy can we stay here forever?" Referring to Hotel Azure. But it was time to go. I packed everyone bags and double check to make sure we had everything. We did. My husband packed the truck and the girls and I said bye to our beds and room. Hotel Azure was amazing to us. I give them a million stars and would stay there again any day! We checked out and headed to a place called Bear Beach Cafe where they hosted a wonderful courtesy breakfast for my family and I. There was a ton of people but we only waited a few minutes to be seated. Our waitress was really caring and made sure to answer any questions we had. We ordered and our food came fast. Our girls had pancakes while my husband an omelet and I had the mama bear platter. I could still taste the avocados, hmm so fresh. The restaurant had a family feel to it and we would defiantly eat there again. Before we got on the road we made a stop. One to a hole in the wall bakery called Sugary Pine Bakery where I bought a single cupcake that was sweet. We jumped on the road and back home we went. Lake Tahoe and Hotel Azure, and all the wonderful facilities we thank you.

where to eat: Bear Beach Cafe, Sugary Pine Bakery.

Hotel Azure. Best beds hands down.

Now your family can experience all this too!

It’s giveaway time! I’ve teamed up with @HotelAzuretahoe to give one lucky winner their very own Take me to Lake Tahoe Prize Package includes:
- $100.00 gift card to Hotel Azure,
 -Starbucks gift card
-Gas gift card for your trip!

To enter for a chance to win, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Follow @HotelAzuretahoe & @missporsha on Instagram.
2. Tag 2 friends below.
3. Tell us why you'd like to go to Lake Tahoe.
Giveaway ends 10/5 at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be notified within 72 hours after the giveaway.
 Good luck!

Thank you, Hotel Azure, for our family's trip!
You can check out more about Hotel Azure HERE
The Loft Tahoe HERE
Lake Tahoe Cruises HERE
Tahoe Bowl HERE.
Bear Beach Cafe HERE.

(I received this trip for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post from Hotel Azure.)


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