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How to Look Expensive on a Small Budget.

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Looking expensive is not always down to the clothes you have in your wardrobe. There are ways for you to look luxurious without spending a lot of money. It is really a case of how you look as a whole, rather than just the appearance of the clothes you are wearing.

Confidence Levels

If you walk and act with confidence, as though the outfit you paid 20 dollars for in the market, cost you several hundred dollars, no one will be any the wiser. How you hold yourself, which should be upright and with boldness, and how you show you are full of confidence will override the cost of any outfit you are wearing.

Confident people are proud of what they are wearing and are often an inspiration for others to be looking at a similar style. Some of them will turn to  Stylinity to see if they can match your outfit without having to spend too much money, as there are more people trying to look good on a budget than you may realize.

Avoid Flashy Colors

Flashy colors never look expensive, even if you have paid a lot for them. So, when you go shopping, stick to more neutral shades if you want to look classy. Neutral tones will mean your clothes will be wearable for longer and will pair well with most other items you have. Mixing and matching from your wardrobe is sometimes necessary, but not so easy with brighter colors.

If you really must wear something bright and flashy, pair it with simpler things to tone it down a little. Overly bright clothes will never look expensive, but they might not look quite so cheap if they are worn with the right jacket and accessories.

Buy Classics

You should buy classic clothes that are never in or out of fashion. That way you can always look good, and this should be more important than looking at trendy clothes. Long trench coats, pencil skirts, leather handbag, pointed-toe shoes, blazer, leather jackets, and knitted items will always look expensive. Team them with something that is a bit special, such as a real silk scarf, a nice watch or other piece of jewelry, or maybe even something as simple as a leather belt, to embellish the idea that your outfit was not cheap, and how stylish you are.

Classic clothes should be in every woman’s wardrobe, including a black dress for special occasions.

Look After Your Clothes

It does not matter how much you paid for a garment, it will always look better if it is properly cared for. Don’t ignore any washing and drying instructions and do not have your iron too hot. Keep them hung wherever possible. Get rid of any little threads that are showing, and make sure the labels are for your eyes only.

If the label says dry-clean only, it is there for a reason and trying to wash the garment yourself can mean that it will lose its color or shape.

An outfit that has been well looked after of will show that you care about the way your look and that your garments are of a higher quality.

Make Sure It Fits

Nothing cheapens the look of an outfit quicker than if it is a bad fit. When you buy a cheaper blazer, for instance, have it tailored to fit properly. This will always giver the impression that you have spent more than you really have.

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. If you buy oversized shirts from a menswear department, they are meant to look too big. Worn with a pair of skinny jeans, some classy boots with heels and a jacket, no one will ever know where the cheap oversized shirt came from.

Some people have a couple of items tailored from scratch, so they know that they have some perfect fits in their wardrobe.

Less is More With Jewelry

Not overloading yourself with jewelry is a definite must if you want to look expensive. A simple chain around your neck and wrist, a good looking watch and some earrings that do not meet the viewer before the rest of you, will help to make your outfit look expensive. You do not have to invest in real gold or platinum. There are lookalikes now that only experts can tell the difference, and these cost a lot less money.

Delicate jewelry can take your outfit up a level and it is worth investing in a couple of nice pieces.

The Importance Of Styling

The way you wear your clothes says a lot about you. You can save money by utilizing what you have and focussing on the styling. Simple things like rolling up your sleeves, whether you tuck your shirt in or wear it lose, and adding a nice belt to your outfit can all have a dramatic effect on the way you appear to others.

Watch The Materials

Some materials look more expensive than others, although most of the time they are not. Things that look as though they are leather or silk are good examples that if worn with the right things can make the whole outfit look as though you paid a fortune. Fake fur and velvet are also materials that look expensive.


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You cannot go wrong with a classic pair of  court shoes, although they will not be suitable for all of your outfits. Have a pair of heeled boots, the length of which is not really important, and some comfortable ballet flats to give your feet an occasional rest. A pair of good-looking sneakers is a must for every wardrobe and some strappy sandals as well. With all of these, you will have shoes to compliment whatever outfit you are wearing and to enhance the expensive look.

It Is Up To You

Your whole look and the impression you give is totally your choice, If you want to look expensive it is not difficult to achieve if you do the right things.

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