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Ivy says.

Hi guys!
Guess what time it is? It's time for another segment of Ivy says. Per usually Ivy does not disappoint, the things that come out of my kids mouth is wild. In this segment you'll read from everything about nails to Taylor Swift and being kicked in the face. Yes, it's a funny one. Check it out! for more of Ivy says you can read pass blog post here. Enjoy!

"I don't like pepperonis! I only like strawberries."
She says as shes taking her pepperonis off her pizza.

"Mommy I love my father."
When I said something mean about her daddy.

"Mommy princesses sit down properly and don't be bad."
When I asked her to sit down.

"Baby sitter doctor is a doctor who rocks baby's."
She said to me when I asked why she was rocking the baby doll.

"Everybody's ears whisper when people scream."
After hearing somebody yell.

"Mommy Aria's a mess."
After Aria got done eating ice cream.

"Are you sugg-aring? sugg-aring is when your cold and you be sugg-aring."
When I asked her if she meant to say Shivering.

"She has long nails so she can pinch."
when her classmate asked why my nails we're so long.

"You don't take from babies, babies need love so they can be happy!"
when I took Aria's toy.

"Somebody will kick my face in that high end a class!"
When I asked her if she wanted to take karate."

"I haven't sung it in years!"
When I played Taylor Swifts song 22 in the car, mind you shes 4 and the song came out before she was born."

"My mom doesn't wanna hear that."
When we we're in target and my old co worker came up to talk to me."

"Target is so pretty!"

When walking into Target one day.

"The mess-sena has dinosaurs!"

Referring to a museum.

"Because I want happy meals."

When we asked her why she didn't eat her lunch at school.

"I don't like when it's dark, dark is boring..my body wants to play."
When i told her at night when go to sleep so our bodies can recharge themselves.

"I just wanna toy and you don't seem to understand that."
She said in IKEA crying because I said no toys.

"Mommy you go buy the chicken and will share the phone how about that plan?"

When I asked her what she wanted for dinner and told her she couldn't play on my phone.

until next time folks ;)


  1. Haha, LOL, she says the most clever, funny, and sometimes very WISE things! Thanks for sharing her wisdom!

    1. Hi Priscilla, you're so sweet. Ivy is very silly :) thanks for your comment.