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Most Emotional Milestones A Parent Goes Through.

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It doesn’t matter how hardened by life you might have once been or how thick the ice encasing your heart used to be, the moment you become a parent - a mom or a dad - you become an emotional wreck that has the ability to sob at the slightest thing: the first day of fall, Dear John, a Facebook video of someone’s graduation speech, that TV commercial with the cute puppy, everything. Becoming a parent just does something to you; something no one can explain.

From the get-go, you’ll find you experience emotion on a scale you never, ever thought possible during your old-life. It starts in the delivery room and it continues deep into your kid’s adult-life, from their first job to them having kids of their own and beyond. Your heart will burst with pride a million times.

Of course, the reason we’re telling you this isn’t just so that you can buy stocks and shares in Kleenex and make a bit of money back on all those tissues you’re gonna buy, it’s to help you recognize these moments when they happen. It’s to help you know its okay to unleash that crying face of yours because, in no uncertain terms, these moments in your kid’s life are huge. They are milestones. They are emotional. And the best thing you can do is enjoy it and let those emotions bubble out.

So, without further ado, here are the most emotional moments us parents can expect to cry at:

1. Their Birth
Nothing is going to top the moment your kid arrives in the world through the miracle that is childbirth. Your hormones  will be all over the place, that nine-months-plus build up with come to a crescendo and your tear ducts will be working overtime as you cry, on average, for more than 13 minutes. For a parent, this is the happiest day ever.

2. First Day At School
OMG! For a parent, this is as big as it gets. It’s the terrifying moment when you have to accept they have grown up so much and are now ready to take their first steps into the world, without you. It’s huge. It’s a move in to independence and a move that leaves your home a little quieter.

3. Riding A Bike
This is one of the most clich├ęd and quintessential parenting moments out there; a moment that is depicted in a thousand movies. And rightly so. Of course, we’re hoping your tears are for the right reason and not because you’ve had to contact a bicycle injury attorney,, which is why we recommend you take them to that friendly park nearby. But nothing is going to fill your heart with more joy than seeing them stick something out, learn, take the knocks, pick themselves back up and finally start riding on their own. It’s magic.

4. Graduation Day
Fast-forward a few years and you’ll be sat in a crowd of proud parents, watching as your child takes to the stage in their gown and cap to get confirmation all their hard work has paid off as they graduate from high school, college, whatever. It’s one of the most overwhelming moments, and it symbolizes they are ready for the real world. You have succeeded. And that’s emotional.

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