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Prepare For Your First Steps Into Parenthood.

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Discovering you are going to be a mommy or a daddy is always going to be a magical new chapter of your life. It’s exciting, and we’re sure you have many questions as a soon to be a new parent. Particularly, if you want to embrace the natural lifestyle with your newborn babe. We can help you plan for your first steps and make sure that you are prepared for some of the greatest challenges and decisions as a new parent.

Getting The Diet Right

One of the first questions you have is probably going to be about food. Which food can babies eat and which food should you avoid completely? Well, there are various foods that babies should not have, and some of these will be obvious to you.

Many of these foods won’t be suitable when your baby is young anyway, but they will be as they get older. Still, you might want to hold off even then and crackers or crips are an example of this type of product that you should perhaps avoid. While crackers and crisps can be a poor snack anyway, they also fill you up awfully quickly. Ultimately, you could find that your little one is full without getting any of the minerals, vitamins and good greens that they need in their diet.

What about honey? Honey’s good for you right? Yes, honey can be a great treat when you are older. However, for a baby, even a touch of honey can be linked to infant botulism. This illness can be fatal so while you might want to treat them to something a little sweeter than what can be quite a bland baby food, it’s just not worth the risk.

You might also be thinking about giving your little one nuts or peanuts. Both are incredibly dangerous for children due to the choking hazard and similar to grapes, shouldn’t be given to children until they are at least four years old. Even once they reach this age, grapes should still be cut up. If you are eager to give nuts to children, consider opting for peanut butter.

The good news is that there plenty of great foods that you can feed your baby that is good for them. For instance, you might want to think about giving your little one iron-fortified cereal. Did you know that babies are born with a natural iron supply? It’s true! However, this disappears by the time they are six months old. That’s why iron-fortified cereal is a great choice once your child reaches fourth months.

You can raise your baby vegan, it’s possible, but you can also feed them meat like beef, lamb or chicken. You can puree the meat, adding it to breastmilk or a veggie puree. It’s your choice.

Baby Proofing Your Home

As soon as your little one is born, you will start worrying about their safety. Actually, the worries will probably start before the birth. If your baby doesn’t kick for a little while, you’ll wonder whether they are okay. Once they are in your arms, you’ll wonder whether they are safe in your home. It’s good to baby proof your home before the birth so it’s ready and to make sure that you have the right equipment you need. You might think, wait I don’t need to worry about them walking and crawling just yet. While this is true, it’s better to stay ahead because they will be exploring the floors of your home before you know it and before long you’ll need to worry about the stairs.

So, let’s make sure that you are taking the right steps here. The first is to get plug protectors. This will ensure that there is no chance your little one could get electrocuted by sticking their fingers in the sockets. As well as this, you need to make sure that you are getting a fire guard if you have a fire in your home. Of course, some types of fires offer their own type of protection. Modern fires tend to have a glass protector that can stop little ones from burning their fingers and are even eco-friendly.

Do be aware of the biggest dangers in your home. Suffocation is the main cause of death for the youngest children in the home, and that’s why you need to be careful what you put in their crib. We will look at this a little further down, but for now, let’s consider drowning. That’s the 7th main cause of death for little ones under the age of one in the home. You might be wondering how babies drown, but this can happen in very small amounts of water, either in the bath or the sink. Be careful how much you fill the tub and always remain attentive when bathing your newborn. Drowning is also a serious risk for children aged 5 to 9 so you always need to be aware of this.

Of course, walking will come much later, but if you have stairs, you should still make sure you are ready with a gate for the top and the bottom. These are easy to adjust and can be set up within minutes to make sure that they fit your home correctly.

Aside from this, you just need to be careful of harmful and dangerous chemicals or substances around the home. It’s important that these are locked up and away from prying hands. Most liquids that are dangerous have tight lids that can not be opened by children. However, you don’t want to take that risk, and you would be amazed where kids can end up. It’s best to have child protectors on all the drawers and cupboards that might contain dangerous items, objects or substances.

Sorting Out The Nursery

You do need to make sure that you create a great nursery for your new baby. You should do this after a few months into the pregnancy, somewhere near the middle of the term. This will make sure that a lot of the danger is over and that you aren’t too far along that you’ll struggle with a little DIY. Remember, exercise and keeping active during pregnancy has been shown to be beneficial and could even reduce the chance of miscarriages.

As for what should go in the nursery, why not opt for vintage styles? You can get classic babycribs from various shops online as well as beautiful old-fashioned toys, carved from wood. If you want to opt for the simple life with your nursery, this is definitely the way to do it. Remember, don’t fill the crib with too many pillows and blankets. If in doubt, check online and make sure that you have the right set up for your little one.

Don’t forget, the nursery isn’t just about the baby. When you set it up, do think about your needs as well. Depending on your choice of parenting styles, you may find yourself sitting in there, watching over them. It’s good to have a rocking chair in the nursery that you can lie back and relax in. One of the things that you’ll hear the most about being a new parent is that it means a lot of sleepless nights. However, if you have the right set up, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We hope this guide helps you when you are dealing with your first steps as a parent. It can be a tough road, at least at first, but we think you’ll agree it’s one worth traveling.

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