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Two sisters for Rhubarb Collection.

Hi guys!
I don't know about you but I gotta thang for kids clothes. Hey, maybe every mama does right? But I am a little bit different. I gotta thing for kids clothes you can't find on the rack at Walmart or Target. Don't get me wrong. I love those stores. but I also love my kids being styled in unique and fashionable pieces. Scrolling through Instagram one day I found everything I'd be looking for with the Rhubarb Collection.

Rhubarb Collection was founded by two sweet sisters and moms who go by the names of Melody and Kelly. Created in the USA with most materials made here as well these sisters were on a mission to do a few things. Create unique clothes for little ones to play in, ship Eco-friendly, using recyclable packing and share this with the world. If you ask me these sisters have accomplished all of the above. Each item is handmade with cool textiles and designs exclusively from Rhubarb Collection. How do I know this? because Rhubarb sister Kelly designs all fabric by hand illustrating, paintings and multimedia art pieces. Rhubarb Collection makes clothing sizes 0 months up to big kid 8.

"Dresses have pockets, tops are cut with a little extra room for round bellies, color palettes are largely gender neutral."

In the mail, for review, the girls were lucky enough to receive two sets of dresses each. The Paper Cranes Twirl Dress and the Fall Twirl Dress (which you will see photos of in a later blog post). Both sets of dresses were absolutely beautiful. The dresses designed with bamboo fabric, cotton and spandex were lightweight, yet still heavy enough to keep the girls warm during those colder fall moments. Fabric so soft you could lay under it and take a nap. Which by the way they do make blankets too ;) 

The dresses were a very pretty teal with tiny lime like paper cranes all around it. It's circle skirt and full pockets made for a fun addition to these dresses. We had no problems with the dresses fitting as they were very true to size. And although hand made it did not take very long for the dresses to be delivered to us at all. Ivy and Aria we're in love with their dresses the moment they came in the mail. Upon opening the package they wanted to put them on right away. The girls had an amazing time twirling away in the sunshine in their dresses. Aria even had a blow out in her dress while we were out shopping, which by the way the dress held up perfectly after I washed it.

I can't express my gratitude enough to the Rhubarb Collection for these amazing dresses. They have been nothing but a pleasure to work with. I am honored to write for them. Thank you Rhubarb Collection for Ivy and Aria's dresses.

You can check out all things Rhubarb Collection  HERE.
You can purchase the Paper Cranes Twirl Dress HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Rhubarb Collection.)


  1. The girls in their dresses are so cute, and pockets rock!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments Priscilla you rock :)