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You (happy birthday dad).

Hi guys!
Today is a big day! it's Beyonce's birthday!... Just kidding. But no it really is her birthday but that's not why today is big today is big because it's my dad's birthday. Today is your birthday dad and today we are celebrating you!
Dad, there are so many reasons to celebrate you on your birthday today. There are so many reasons why you are such a great dad. Because of this, I would be here all day writing a novel. So instead of that, I am going to try to explain why you're the best dad ever.

You we're born on the same day as Beyonce. Sorry I just love her. ha. But dad you inspire the world. One of the biggest reasons I deiced to become an entrepreneur was you. Watching you work all these years from running a bar, a car lot a hair salon. You have been such a boss! and so very inspirational. 
. You have the best sense of style. When you're not rocking those work pants and t-shirts running around on the job. You are always dressed to the nines. Mixing and matching things and you know making them your own. Your fashion seems to never disappoint. I think you have one of the greatest soul. You're always so happy and in such good spirits. You walk into the room and literally fill it with happiness. You always put your family first. No matter what is going on in your life if a family member calls you or needs you. Any day, any time you're always right there Anytime I need you-you're always there for a talk. If I have an argument with my husband, best friend or even the mailman you're always on my side and see it from my point of view. If I am wrong you let me know in a respectful way and never put me down for any decisions I make in life. I can talk to you about thing and that's one of the best feelings in the world. You're the best person I ever met. I've met a bunch of people in the last 28 years and you by far are the best. The best dad I could ask for. I am glad God choose you for me, For our family. 

We love you, dad. Happy Birthday.

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