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3 Great Reasons to Get Your Kids into Sport.

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Parents have a unique position of responsibility over their children, not only because of the fact that they need to provide for their children and nurture them with love and care, but also because they have a fundamental opportunity to shape the kinds of people that their kids will one day become.

As a parent, it’s very important to take appropriate and meaningful steps throughout your child’s upbringing to put them in situations and expose them to experiences that will shape them into upstanding people who are able to meet the world head-on and live productive and meaningful lives.
Out of all the different things that you could do in order to help your child develop character and positive traits, getting them involved in sports is one of the most timeless and potentially powerful of these things. 
So, begin sizing them up for wrestling singlets and baseball mitts, here are a few great reasons to get your kids into sports.
Sports teach kids to keep going even when they want to quit
Life is by no means an easy and smooth ride for the vast majority of us. While we hope that we can navigate our lives in a generally relaxed and comfortable manner, the old saying is true. Nothing worth having comes easy.
To succeed in any dimension of life, it’s essential to develop the skill of being able to hold on and grind through when needs be, even when you most feel like quitting.
Sports will push your kids and put them in situations of discomfort, where they have to keep going in spite of how they feel. This kind of tenacity is one of the major components of a strong moral character.
Sports can teach kids important lessons about working with a team
Life is, to a large degree, a team sport. While it’s certainly important to be independent and autonomous, it’s no less important to know how to work well with others and be a trustworthy individual to broader society.
Team sports, in particular, will teach your child valuable lessons about how to work with others, the importance of pulling your weight, and not hogging the spotlight, and just being useful and upstanding when in the company of others, in general.
Sports can teach your kids how to handle failures and setbacks with grace
In sport, as in life, success is never guaranteed or constant. No matter how good someone is at a particular sport, they will not win every contest or sail through the season without any setbacks or disappointments.
A major part of being an upstanding and successful person in life is being able to take your knocks on the chin and keep moving forward. Handling failures and setbacks with grace is often enough to allow you to find success and happiness down the line, and to avoid shaming yourself and the people who care about you, in life.
Of course, it’s always possible that someone could play sports and be a bad loser, but if the coach, team, and parents are willing to emphasise the importance of good sportsmanship, it can make all the difference.

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