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3 reasons why London Littles rain boots are a fall must have.

Hi guys!
Happy fall y'all, ha I cant believe it fall now. I love saying that. Now that it's fall its time to put all the summer clothes away and revamp the kiddos wardrobes. They'll need everything from new jackets, to sweaters, leggings, long sleeve shirts and everything else in between. Oh but we cant forget about a pair of London Littles rain boots.

Patty cake, patty cake bakers man..

Bake me a cake as fast as you can, roll it & pat it..

& mark it with a B..

& put it in the oven for sister & me!

London Littles rain boots are the best boots out there for kids! If you guys have been a reader of mine for a while then you would know this is actually my second blog post for the London Littles brand (check out my first post featuring Ivy here). Ivy's had her London Littles boots for about 10 months now and they have not disappointed. They are in great condition still, besides the few toddler scuffs here and there from the playground. 

Ivy's face says that big kid slide is no joke.

This second time around both Ivy and Aria we're lucky to be able to receive a pair of Darling Pink rainboots. A really nice pink with polka dots all over them. They absolutely were smitten with them. London Little's is a great brand and every kid should have a pair and if you need more reasons why then here are my top three:

1. The Quality: As I briefly mentioned before these boots are ever lasting. It's hard finding a brand that last long when you have little ones. London Littles are made from rubber with cotton linings. While created in the USA, but made in China these boots will be sure to last your little one for many, many showers of rain to come. 

2. The colors: One of the things I love most about London Littles are the variations of colors and designs. They have eight different types of designs. Great for littles ones to express themselves with. Not only that but many boots are unisex which is also another plus.

3. The Cost: There are no other boots out there that are good quality, have a ton of designs and only will cost you $34.00! yes, London Littles are so inexpensive you would think they were on sale. No sale here! just a great deal. but hey if you're a bargain shopper and love little discounts like me you can use the code: PORSHA10 at checkout :)

So complete your little one's wardrobe with a pair of boots from London littles. As usual, it's been a pleasure to write another blog for this amazing company.

Thank you, London Littles, for the girl's boots!
You can check out London littles HERE.
You can purchase the girls Darling Pink boots HERE.
(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by London Littles.)

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  1. their boots are so cute! I think all kids love rain boots no matter the weather.