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5 reasons why the UPPAbaby CRUZ is the best stroller ever.

Hi guys!
I am super, duper excited to bring to you this blog post? Why you ask? Because I am finally able to share with you guys my brand new stroller from UPPAbaby! Yes, I am honestly so excited to be able to collaborate with them. Since I was pregnant with my first baby Ivy I dreamed about owning an UPPAbaby. So I guess you could say this is four years in the making. But enough about all of my rambling let me introduce you to the best stroller ever.

UPPAbaby is the stroller of all strollers. This brand creates the sleekest and sophisticated strollers on the market. Their modern day design and styles are untouchable and unlike any other brand other there. With three decades of experience and inspired by parents themselves UPPAbaby is ranked one of the highest brand strollers. UPPAbaby brand is different from other brands because they take all of the real-life experience from us parents and put it into their strollers. Consistently and continuously making these strollers more unique and innovative.

UPPAbaby offers four lightweight strollers and two full-size strollers, including the CRUZ, which is the one I currently own. This stroller is the perfect stroller for me because living in the city we are always on the go. Having a stroller that is lightweight, with a slim design fits both our girls and rides easy was really important to me. The stroller has a forward facing and parent facing toddler seat. This seat allows your little to ride forward, backward, completely upright (Arias' favorite) or reclined. With a pop up extendable shade shield, your little one will be covered comfortably rain or shine. It's also equipped with an extendable leather handle and spacious bottom basket for diaper bags along with a cup holder and one step fold. The stroller comes in 8 different colors including mine Sabrina pink. For parents of smaller little's, you could even add a car seat. UPPAbaby brand is committed to supporting families everywhere that's why they offer a warranty on all strollers because they understand that life happens. Just a few amazing reasons to love UPPAbaby. But in case you needed five more reasons well here they are:

1. The Piggyback: Don't want the big brother or sister to be left out? Problem solved. The CRUZ has a little thing called the Piggyback. The piggyback is a detachable ride along board that attaches to the bottom of your stroller. That way big brother or sister can ride along too. We have one on our's and Ivy loves it. It's good for kids up to 55 lbs. 

2. 8 different colors: There is literally a color that fits everyone. I choose the Sabrina pink but I literally almost choose Loic white. With some many colors to choose from how will you pick?

3. Adjustable seating: Aria loves this so much. If she wants to see the world she can ride upright, if she wants to take a nap she can recline. There are so many different ways your little one can ride it'll make you wish you were a baby.

4.One-step fold: I go out a lot with the girls and don't always have help between carrying one of them on one hip and a diaper bag on the side this is ideal for a mom like me. The one-step fold makes it easy for me to do it by myself.

5.The way it rides: Without effort, this stroller rides so nice and smooth, it's very lightweight and you can even steer it with one hand. It glides and slides like no other. 

This stroller can do it all and more. It's the best stroller ever and the only one you'll ever need.

Even my friend Tonisha wanted to get in on pushing the UPPAbaby! #momlife even though shes not a mom :)

Thank you to UPPAbaby for our new stroller!

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(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from UPPAbaby.)

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