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5 ways to meet mommy friends.

Hi guys!
A while ago I wrote a blog about why it's important to have mommy friends read it HERE. The blog did pretty well for itself. But then I got a message from a mommy. She told me she really liked the blog but said she had no mommy friends and her problem was she had no idea how to meet any. Instantly I deiced I wanted to write a post about how to make mommy friends. So below are 5 easy ways to meet your own mommy friends.

1.  Play groups: Usually at you local libraries they have play groups during certain days and times. This is where all mommy's meet up with their kids   it's like one huge play date. It's a great way to meet new mommy friends.

2. Grocery shopping: You'd be surprised at how many mommy's I've met in the aisles of Target with their kids. 

3. The Park: The park is one of the best ways to meet new mommy friends. Most of us go there to let our kids play so we can get a little break. This is a good way to spark up a conversation with the mommy sitting at the bench next to you. 

4. Your kids activities:  Ivy is in ballet and I've made some pretty amazing mommy's during ballet class. I've made such good friends with these women our kids have play dates and go to each others birthday parties. 

5. Social media apps: My best friend and best mommy friend Melissa and I met on the social media app "what to expect when your expecting". We both we're in the March 2014 baby group and started following each other on Instagram. We then realized we both live in the same city! We have been best friends ever since. There are a bunch of apps like what to expect when your expecting, Instagram, meet up and so much more where you can find local or long distant mommy friends!

For me I met most of my mommy friends from high school we all grew up together and now our kids are all around the same age. But I've also met a ton of friends from the list above. How do you meet your mommy friends? 

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  1. Great post! The grocery store is one I hadn't thought of. I really like the app Peanut. It's essentially Tinder for meeting mom friends, and I've found great mom friends near me using it.