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8 Trick Or Treat Tips To Keep Your Children Safe This Halloween.

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Halloween is a right of passage for most children growing up, to dress up as witches and ghouls, to trick or treat with friends, bake spooky cupcakes or carve a pumpkin or two. There’s a lot of fun to be had for children at this time of year. However, as a mom, we are prone to think of the what if’s of every activity our children participate in, primarily with a view to protect them from harm. Halloween is no different in this respect, which is why the below tips can help you to keep your children safe this fall, while they venture off on their trick or treat travels.
Fill Up Beforehand
Hungry monsters on their trick or treat ventures are most likely to ravage the candy they’ve collected on their Halloween trail, this could mean poorly stomach aches for your children. To avoid your kids stocking up on sugar alone this Halloween, prepare a filling meal before they go trick or treating.
Dress For The Weather
Your little one may be persistent on wearing their fairy princess dress on Halloween night while they trick or treat. But if it’s feeling a little chilly it may be best to provide other suitable costumes to keep them warm on their travels.
Safe Masks
Your little one may of hand-selected a mask to complete their costume look but most importantly, is it comfortable and above all safe, for them to wear? Make sure they can see adequately through their disguise, to avoid tripping over, or worse falling into the road. Also, check whether the mask has adequate breathing holes.

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Safety In Numbers
The safest option is to accompany your children while they trick or treat and always walk your youngsters up to the door, especially if they’re alone. If your children are a little older, you could offer to stand at the end of the drive, or suggests that they go trick or treating in a large group of friends instead to help keep them safe.
Plan A Trick Or Treat Route
Mapping a route is helpful to give your trick or treaters some direction. Especially if you are not escorting your children, asking them to stick to the planned route can help you establish where they are going and when they are likely to be finished.
Cherry Pick Houses
Be selective of the houses you visit. If it’s a street busy with trick or treaters, you will be able to establish which homes are open for your pumpkins to visit. Select houses that are decorated with Halloween trimmings, as this indicates they may be more inviting to tick or treaters. For quieter streets, it may be best to move your Halloween ventures to a busier area, with more people around. Better yet you could chat with neighbors, friends or close family members beforehand, to ask if you can bring your children to their house to trick or treat.

Be Visible
It's essential for and your children to be seen while trick or treating, especially as the nights draw in a lot sooner. You could attach some UV strips to your children's shoes and sleeves, to ensure you’re giving them the best opportunity to be seen by cars and cyclists. However much effort you put into helping your children to remain safe from road users and cyclists, unpredictable events can occur at any moment. In the event, you or your children suffer an accident as a pedestrian contact an attorney such as https://www.hugheylawfirm.com/sc/charleston-bicycle-pedestrian-accident-lawyer/ for legal information.

Check Candy
Maybe make a pact with your children not to eat any candy until they arrive home. This will give you the opportunity to look over the candy to see if there’s anything suspicious.

By following the pointers above, you can take comfort in knowing your children are safe this Halloween. If you’ve decided to let your kids trick or treat without you, set a few boundaries beforehand. Such as not entering peoples homes, remaining safe as they walk down the street by being wary of the roads and to come back home at an agreed time.

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