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Clever Ways To Keep Kids Learning At Home.

You might think that a child’s main source of learning should be at school and perhaps it should. After all, they spend hours there every day for that purpose. However, it might be wise to introduce at least some level of learning at home as well. You might want to think about taking the time to teach them some lessons that they probably won’t learn in the classroom.

The Value Of A Good Book

You probably think that kids get enough reading at school, but do they? At school children are often pushed to read books that may be important in literature but are not particularly exciting. While it is possible for a child to see the fun in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night most won’t. This is especially true if they don’t have a teacher who can help them see how a novel or in this case, a play,  like this could be relevant in the world of today.

The same is true for other literature classics from The Winds of Winter to To Kill A Mockingbird. They are great works of art but will they inspire children to see the value of reading. Or, will they start to see it more as a chore? You can avoid the latter possibility by making sure that each month or couple of months your child picks up a book from the store. They get to choose it themselves and, depending on their age, you might want to read it with them. Who knows, they might select the next Harry Potter?

The Importance Of Responsibility

Most kids won’t learn real responsibility until after high school. During school, their teachers are responsible for them, and when they get home, you are. They aren’t responsible for anything except for maybe a few chores, but you can change that by introducing a pet into the equation.

You can make a child around the age of ten and up completely responsible for a pet that they might have begged you for. A dog is a great choice because they are incredibly energetic and really can become their best friend. But it will also be their job to feed them right. You can help your child make sure they are giving their pet everything they need with the best dog DNA test. By knowing the exact breed, you can find out what food is best for them. Your child can also be in charge of walking the dog and training them. It’s a great way to prepare them some challenges they might experience later in life.

The Value Of Money

There tends to be two mindsets when it comes to money and children. The first is: “my kids don’t need their own money because I’ll buy them whatever they need or potentially, want.”

The second: “I’ll give my kids their own money so they can make their own decisions.”

This latter mindset might serve your child well in the future. They will learn how they should use their money to perhaps save up for something that really matters rather than something they’ll forget about in a couple of days.  A lot of parents hate this idea because they feel their child will waste money on silly things. It could be argued though that this is a key mistake that kids should be making from an early age.

We hope you see now how you can encourage and push a child’s learning in new directions, even at home.

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