Fighting like a girl with my girls (Breast Cancer Awareness Walk). - Porsha Carr Blog

Fighting like a girl with my girls (Breast Cancer Awareness Walk).

Hi guys!
The fun over the weekend continues with Sunday funday (you can read about my Saturday here). This weekend I tore up my room finding all things pink because it was time to fight like a girl for Brest cancer awareness.

Sunday I did Sacramento annual Brest cancer walk for the 5th year in a row with my girls. This has been another tradition that I am so happy to be able to share with my daughters. I don't have many traditions from when I was little with my family, so I am glad my girls will. I love doing this walk because not only is it a good time but it also allows me to catch up with Stacy who we rarely get to see, and my girls love. For the last 5 years, Stacy and I have packed the girls in the car and headed downtown for the walk. That is of course after we grab a drink from Starbucks :)

My little Ivy, she wants to be a cheerleader so bad.

We can never seem to be on time, each year we are a little late... but hey we always show up. The walk is to benefit and raise awareness for women with breast cancer, the survivors and the women still battling this terrible disease. Every year I walk in honor of my grandma who had brest cancer. She was lucky enough to survivor this. She's a hero. This year was a little different. My husband's grandma is actually battling breast cancer and is currently hospitalized. This year the girls and I walked for both women. They are both heroes.

They had fun with this, can you tell?

When we arrived everyone was dressed in all types of pink, light pink, hot pink, it was a pink party!  Some people had their dogs even dressed in pink too. We started walking along with everyone and you can feel all the positive vibes. Everyone was screaming, laughing and in good spirits. It was such a good feeling. The walk was 3 miles long and some people ran but most people walked. On each comer of the walk were volunteers who cheered for us when we walked by. Ivy loved this especially the cheerleaders who she even hugged and asked to take a photo with. Scroll back up in case you missed that.

We love gg ma.

Love this.

Say what you want, this girl is my twin.

When our walk was over it ended at the state capitol, Where there were live music, games, and many snacks. We loaded up on snacks and watched the live performance for a while. We then did a few activities like signing the chalkboard and a ping pong bra game before the girls got some balloons and we headed off to home. Being able to do this every year with Stacy and my girls mean a lot to me. I hope it's something that will always do for many years to come. 

I love you, three girls.


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