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Ivy says.

Hi guys!
It's here!!!! Today's edition of Ivy says. If you are a new reader and unfamiliar to this blog segment then let me fill you in. Ivy says is a segment of my blog in which I bring you some of the funniest things that come out of my 4 year old's mouth. Ivy says so much on a daily basis so when I can I grab my phone and write it down in my notes, thus Ivy says blog post is born. Enjoy :) Oh by the way check out more of Ivy says here!

"Home is a long way away.. you shouldn't of took us here."
When taking a road trip to San Francisco.

"Daddy? did you put your whole butt on this and fart!?"
When she smelled a stinky pillow.

"Mommy why aren't you good? you'll fall down? Ill tech you skills."
when I told her I cant do dance.

"Mommy what do clouds taste like?"
Randomly looking up at the sky. 

"Do dogs have birthdays?"
Staring at a dog.

"Mommy that's a big wolf dog!"
When we saw a service dog in Walmart.

"Princesses don't eat pickles." 
When I offered her a pickle, & FYI she is a princes & she does indeed eat pickles. 

"Why do babies talk anyways?"
When Aria was getting on her nerves.

"I'm getting fat.. but I am pretty."
Looking in the mirror at herself (& no shes not fat & I loving told her this after.)

"I love talking care of my baby sister Aria."
When I asked her to get something for Aria. 

"Grandma said she has a wig!"
Talking about her grandmothers hair.

"Mommy will talk about this later."
When I told her to put on her pajamas.

"Lets talk about Toys R Us and Chuck E Cheese later shall we?"
I can't remember exactly why she brought this one up.