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Pillsbury Funfetti Halloween cupcakes (how to dress them up in 2 easy steps).

Hi guys!
Happy fall Y'all, happy October too. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty chill. My husband is still gone, so to keep the girls entertained I had to think of something fun and festive to do. What's more fun and festive then Halloween cupcakes? In today's blog, I am going to show you guys how we dressed up our store-bought cupcakes in only two quick steps.

So first I went to my local grocery store to buy the ingredients. I can't remember if it was Walmart or Safeway sorry guys. But I know you can get all the indigents from either store or your own local grocery store. I purchased The Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix with candy bits. I also purchased the coordinating vanilla frosting. To bake these cupcakes were simple and all ingredients are on the back of the box but here they are again:

1/2 cup of oil
1/2 cup of water 
3 eggs
of course the funfetti mix itself.

So we did things a little different after coming across some technical difficulties. I could not find our measuring cup so we used our measuring spoons instead. Which was sort of hard but still fun. We also deiced to use milk instead of water to make the cupcakes moister. I got this idea from my best friend Bailey. Hi Bailey! 

So once our ingredients were mixed together it was time to dress up our cupcakes! So A few days earlier I went on Amazon and purchased Halloween colored cupcake wraps and super fun Halloween rings. I thought both of these items would be fun and easy to dress up our cupcakes.

When they were done and cooled off we then added our frosting and sprinkles. Then tada! our final touch our spooky rings. The cupcakes came out so nice you would of think we actually bought them from a store.  I'm thinking about making some for Ivy's class. So there you have it guys, super fun and easy cupcakes with Pillsbury! Will you be doing any Halloween baking?

If you wanna check out what else we've baked with Pillsbury click here. Happy baking!

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