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Steps That Instantly Class Up An Outfit.

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Whether it’s work, the kids, or something else entirely, we all have responsibilities that sometimes get in the way of what we want. This is just as true of putting together the perfect outfit for a date, event, or night that demands we put a little more into our look than usual. However, you can still refine your outfit and add a little extra class when you don’t have the time, energy, or budget to go buy a brand-new ensemble.

The little touches
Perfect for those who want to look a little more fashionable on a smaller budget, you can make plenty of changes to your outfit without having to replace a single component of it. Learning to style your own clothes can make a world of difference, changing them from generic staples to eye-catching adornments. Rolling up the sleeves on a blouse, using a belt to cinch the waist of a sundress, choosing whether or not to tuck. These can all have a more profound effect on your look than we normally give them credit for. If you’re willing to bring out the sewing kit and make some adjustments, you can achieve even more with the most basic of pieces.

Some glitz goes a long way
There’s a difference between class and gaudiness. It’s all about balance. With that in mind, just a single piece of jewelry can really make a more minimalist ensemble shine like you wouldn’t believe. The relatively simple composition of your outfit can help you look effortless and modest, but one really great gemstone ring can draw plenty of attention, too. It’s worth taking a look at stores like VVS diamonds, where you can go into even more detail in customizing and perfecting the one ring that suits you to a tee. Incorporating rings into your fashion isn’t too difficult, either. A little symmetry works well, so try to get balance on both hands, matching fingers if possible.

Make a statement
Again, even the simplest of outfits can be taken to a whole new level with the right choice of accessory. If jewelry isn’t the best-suited choice for the occasion, however, what accessories should you rely on? FitnChic shows not what accessories you should choose, but how you should choose them. Hats, scarves, sunglasses, and watches all work for a wide variety of occasions, but how you wear them is just as important. For instance, body shape matters a great deal. Big waisted girls might not find belts as flattering as they might find a simple infinity scarf, and when choosing either sunglasses or hats, you should look at guides that help you pick the perfect style to match your face shape.

Class is just as much about confidence as it is about the different components of your outfit. A great smile and positive body language can make you just as memorable, to the point that what you wear doesn’t really matter quite as much. That said, the tips above are still pretty useful to rely on.

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