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The top 8 Distroller World products must have’s for the holiday season.

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It's October which means its almost November which means Christmas is right around the corner in December right? Well if you are like me and like to get your holiday shopping started now here's a treat for you.  Today I am bringing you 8 must have products from a colorful company called Distroller World.

Found in 2004 by artist Amparo Serrano in Mexico, City Distroller World is an unforgettable brand that creates unforgettable magical experiences for our little ones. Inspired by Mexican content each product they create their job is to ensure that it is not only a fun experience for little's ones but unique as well. But there is only one rule! whats the rule you ask? well to have fun! Distroller World is known for its stylish graphic art and amazing wild style. Through every tiny colorful detail, on every single fun product they have, they want to make our world a happier and colorful place to live in.  Designed for ages 0 all the way down to 102, they have a product for everyone to have fun with. If you didn't know much about them by now you're in luck because you're going to get to.

Distroller World currently carries products like the popular Neonate Babies but they also have so much more. While each product stands out for a fun time I have compiled a cheat sheet of my holiday must-haves. I took a few products from category so enjoy!

The dolls
1. Neonate (nerlie) Babies: These babies are cutest ever and my daughter's favorites. These little ones need a lot of love and car, after all, they are new babies. They come with many accessories including a detachable umbilical cord and a drippity drop tube. With this, you are able to feed your baby, but watch out your Neonate baby might go poo without a diaper. Check it out here.

2.  Chamoy & Amiguis: These little dolls are styled and profiling. Each one is different and has different likes and dislikes. They come with an adorable interchangeable little outfits little outfit. These dolls are the perfect gift for any little one. Check it out here

3. Nerlie Neo-Orthodontic Device:  Help your Neo babies smile stay nice and shine with this fun accessory. This set comes with things like toothbrushes and a headgear.  Even comes with a set of teeth for your baby. Check it out here

4. Nerlie Micro Kit: Remember before when I mentioned that the Neonate babies might go poo without a diaper? Well, I wasn't joking. With the micro kit in hand, you won't have to worry. it comes with all the cutest diapers and bandages to keep your baby clean. It even comes with a pacifier too. Check it out here

5. Alushhhicake: With this tasty kit your little ones will thank you after they experience the deliciousness! The Alushhhicake activator kit comes with everything you need to make your very own magic cake. Fun and yummy! Check it out here.

6. The Doorminator: This is what they call the biggest little portal. Easy for the dolls to go in and out of with exchangeable ornaments. This little door is fun for little's with big imaginations. But parents don't forget it comes requires AAA batteries. 

7. Large Bassinet: Keep your babies nice and warm in their very own bassinet. The bassinet has a comfy little cushion on the bottom, that also comes with a strap on each side to carry. if your littes are like mine they'll be taking them everywhere they go with them. 

8.  Stationary Misc: There is so much fun Distroller World stationary products for kids it's mind-blowing. From their candy notebooks to their Nenonate lunchboxes and their Alushhhe backpacks, your little one will be the center of attention in their classroom. Check that out and more stationary here 

All of these products are defiantly must-haves for your little ones this holiday season. But be sure to check out the Distroller World website for a ton of other fun dolls, accessories and more! Happy holiday shopping. 

Thank you Distroller World for all of the world toys & goodies!

You can check out all things Distroller World and Neonate babies HERE.
(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Distroller World.)

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