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Wearing my stories with Thread Tanks.

Hi guys!
How cool would it be to tell someone a story? How cool would it be to let others know what your mood is, or how you're feeling today? How cool would it be to portray your mood, bring back a memory or even a fun reminder of something special that happened? All without opening your mouth to say a single word? Pretty cool right? Now you can do all of that with Thread Tank.

The Thread Tank is a shop that was created by three childhood friends who wanted to create something inspiring for others. Hanging out in their apartment one night the friends started going through some old photos reminiscing. One photo, in particular, had them stumped they couldn't remember where it had been taken or why. Suddenly they noticed a design on their shirts in the photo and realized it had been taken during a school field trip. They remembered whale watching on the coast of Catalina Island reliving that amazing day and the memories attached to it. These memories we're sparked all from a whale on a t-shirts. From that day forward Thread Tank was born.

 Thread Tank is all about telling "stories you can wear". Memories of happy times without even saying a word.

Thread Tank makes t-shirts for both men and women in sizes small to 2xl. Many tees are made with cotton and polyester and run in a relaxed fit. So it's better to order one size down. They also come in different colors, sayings, prints, and designs. They are printed in house and hand made to order by a awesome production team. Using only quality ink and t shirts that pretty much last for a million washes. I was so excited to be partnering with Thread Tank for this blog. Their entire team is so sweet and easy to work with. For review I was able to choose three shirts that told some of my favorite/funny memories. Here they are:

Mama Shark: We all know the freaking song, and if your a parent as soon as you read mama shark you probably followed it up with a "do-do-do-do-do-do". Nevertheless, this is one song I cannot escape. Ivy and Aria love this song. I have so many memories of the girls and I driving in the car with this song full blast. All the other people in the cars aound us staring but we don't care because we are a family of sharks. This mama shark loves her baby shark do-do-do-do-do-do's.

Alexa Take The Kids To Practice:  This one has got to be my fave. For the last two years, I have been a dance mom. Both my daughters do ballet and tap. It has been quite a journey and it's something they really enjoy doing. Mama, on the other hand, can get exhausted, and sometimes I just wanna say Alexa take the kids to practice. This is the perfect shirt for any parent who has a child in activities. Those practices kick my butt every week. but some of the best memories I have is seeing my oldest, Ivy dance at her recitals, then I instantly remember all the hard work is so worth it.

 Raising My Tribe:  A few years ago my husband and his friends start a group called The Tribe. Basically, it was a brotherhood for them being as close as they were. I always thought this was pretty cool. Even though it was a brotherhood for my husband and his friends he would still call his family his tribe too. Now we are raising our own little tribe with our two girls. I really love this slouchy tee. I rocked it to the mall and got lots of compliments.  

Real life photo of me trying to take a picture with my toddler. check out Ivy;s face. 

I am loving all my new t-shirts and can't wait to rock them all individually.

Util next time guys!

Thank you to Thread Tank for my tee's!

You can check out all things Thread Tank  HERE.
You can purchase my Alexa tee HERE.
You can purchase my Tribe slouchy tee HERE.
You can purchase my Mama shark tee HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Thread Tank.)

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