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2018 holiday toy gift guide (featuring. RedwoodVentures, Hog Wild & YULU toys).

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Do your little ones enjoy creative toys? Toys that test their imagination and make their minds run wild? Toys that dare to be different than anything else on the shelf in the store? Well if this sounds like something for your little ones and you are still searching for a toy gift guide for the upcoming holidays well I got chu. I've teamed up with RedwoodVentures, Hog Wild and YULU toys to bring you their toy gift guide. 

I think we all could agree that play inspires long-lasting childhood memories. I know I can actually say I agree with this. I have so many memories as a child playing with my favorite toys and my friends in the neighborhood. Great play can last a long time, but a great toy can last forever. With that said I bring you guys five long-lasting toys from RedwoodVentures, Hog Wild and YULU toys for this 2018 holiday season. 


1. Smooshy Mushy: If your little one is like Ivy then he/she loves squishy toys! Ivy is obsessed with Smooshy Mushy. Every time we go to the store she begs for them. With their new full line of adorable rising smooshy's, your little one can not only get their play on but sensor play too. 

2. Smashy Mashy: Continuing the fun with things that are squishy the Smashy Mashy toys are more than just cute. Each one comes in a goo-filled container. But you better e careful because when your little one reaches in to grab their Smashy Mashy a spoiled little buddy is at the bottom waiting for them. Kiddos love these, they even have a cool smell to them.

Hog Wild

3. Sticky The Poo:  Little ones these days like some gross things, it's no secret and this toy is no exception! with the popularity of the poop emoji, this gross trend continues with the new Sticky the Poo line. There's no telling where your little one's imagination will go with this one. I know Ivy is in love with all things poo emoji. When she tossed it in the air and it stuck to the wall it was the best laugh ever.


4 .Cut The Wire:  Does your little one have a big imagination? Well, this game is for him/her. Cut The Wire puts all your kiddos skills to the test. Figuring out clues and secret hints, they'll have to cut the correct wire to save the day. Time is ticking but don't cut the wrong wire or.. well you'll just have to buy the game and find out ;) 

5. Spy Code Hackathon:  This game involves some fun skills. While one player is trapped the other players must help give instructions to break through 8 modules. This game involves a lot of talking and teamwork, I'd def recommend this one for big families and family game night. 

There we have it five awesome gifts for those awesome kiddos in your life! So which toys will you grab for your little ones this holiday seasons? 

Thank you to RedwoodVentures, Hog Wild and YULU toys for all of the girl's toys!

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(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from RedwoodVentures, Hog Wild and YULU toys.)

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