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5 tips for the morning after a sleepless night with a toddler.

Hi guys!
The other night was horrible. I had to be up for work at 6:40 am and Aria would not let me sleep. Aria has a cold right now so she was up coughing half the night. On top of that for some strange reason, I believe she was having nightmares. She never has nightmares to my knowledge so I was really surprised by this. On top of having nightmares and coughing all night, I got around 2-3 hours of sleep. Oh did I mention that I also have a cold too and I woke up before my alarm went off and couldn't fall back to sleep? Point is as a mom we all have those sleepless nights. But today I am going to give you 5 tips to make the next morning easier.
1. Coffee: This is super obvious of course after a long sleepless night we all would love some coffee to wake us up and get us going.

2. Walk: I was thinking about saying "exercise" for this one because it gives you natural energy if you don't like drinking coffee.. but let's be honest after a sleepless night nobody wants to hit up the gym. Take a walk around your neighborhood to get some fresh morning air. It'll wake you up. 

3. Wash up: Throwing on some warm water and some sweet smelling facial wash is a great trick for waking yourself up. Bonus! you'll smell good too. 

4. Power nap: For some moms like me who work this isn't something that's so easy to do. But most people who work have 10-15 minute breaks which are the perfect time to take a quick power nap at your desk or in your car. You may even sneak one in during lunch. Now if you're a sahm (stay at home mom) try taking one while your kids are napping too. 

5. Scream: As loud as you can, at the top of your lungs! You'd be surprised at how much you can wake yourself up by screaming. A good scream a day keeps the sleepiness away. 

Hope these tips help you guys deal with surviving the next day after a sleepless night with your kids. Do you have any tips? If so comment below. 

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