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Bedtime reading made fun with Moonlite.

Hi guys!
How does your bedtime routine go? Well in our house the girls might have a bath then a little bit of play time, brush their teeth and then it's story time. Storytime is one of their most favorite things about bedtime.. hmm let's face it it's their only favorite thing about bedtime. When it's time for story time the girls will sit on both sides of me and I will read maybe one or two books to them. They really enjoy reading. I always try to make it fun for them by doing different things like letting them choose their story or reading the book to them in funny character voices. But now that we have our new Moonlite story time will never quite be the same.

Moonlite is a storybook projector specifically made for your cell phone. It is compatible with 90% of smartphones on the market (I have iPhone 8 plus). The Moonlite transforms story time into a magical time that your kids will be excited for. The Moonlite projector is a small projector that easily clips to the top half of your phone. Moonlite uses the flashlight on your phone to project brightly colored storybook images onto your walls.

As you lay down with your kids you're reading the words off your screen and they are seeing the images on the wall. While reading the story your kids will not only hear neat sound effects that you control on your phone but also soft sweet back ground music to get them off to sleep. The Moonlite also comes with a ton of story reels to choose from. Which are sold separately 

We received the Moonlite gift pack in the mail. It was very easy to set up, I just unboxed it, attached the Moonlite to my phone, adjusted the lens by turning the knob in the front and that's it. Very quick and easy! Our gift pack came with four classic stories from the little Golden Book series. But the girls favorite story? The bonus story that came with our box called Sago. In this story, Sago and his friends take a wild vacation together exploring places like the beach, outer space and the jungle! the girls loved this book. Their favorite part was the sound effects it made. Aria even found herself drifting off listen to the background music. Lucky for us Moonlite even sent us two extra stories! Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. One of Ivy and Aria's favorite's Goodnight Moon. 

I really like Moonlite because it takes ordinary story time and makes it enchanting for my girls. It switches up our bed time routine and makes it so much fun. I also enjoy the fact that the Moonlite is for all ages doesn't require batteries or a charger to work. This is a amazing product I don't know how we did bed time without it. Thank you, Moonlite for our amazing gift pack! 

You can check out all things Moonlite HERE.
(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Moonlite.)

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