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Growing up as a girl with Our Generation dolls.

Hi guys!
Do you have daughter(s)? What are your dreams, goals, and hopes for them? As you guys know I have not one but two daughters and they are my whole heart and entire world. As a mom of girls, I know that they look up to me as a role model and everything I do. I make sure I make the best decisions I can because I know that they are watching. For me my dreams for them are for them to dream big, my goals for them are to grow up to be something amazing and my hope for them is that they stay kind, strong and beautiful inside and out. I am raising little women, future bosses in the making. Everything I bring to the tables for my girls I want it to inspire them, and that includes toys. So with the dolls from the brand from Our Generation, I know they can and they will.

Our Generation is a brand with a simple mission. Raise our generation of girls to be the best they can be while still being kids. Our Generation is dedicated to girls growing, playing, and changing the world together. They create trusted quality dolls for all little girls to enjoy for many years to come. Designed in the US and Canada then manufactured in China with no batteries required all of the Our Generation dolls are made safe with materials and shipped in Eco-friendly packaging. Each doll is 18" and come with different fun accessories. The Our Generation dolls and accessories are actually fully compatible with many 18" dolls and even the American Girl doll accessories too. All of their products are also interchangeable. From stickers to coloring books, wallpapers and more the Our Generation brand has so much to choose from. This brand and their dolls are amazing, collaborating with them I was so excited for my girls to be able to experience having a doll of their own. 

For review, the girls received two big boxes in the mail. One box included their dolls and the other box included the doll's accessories. Both girls received one doll each with beautiful brown skin and curly hair. The dolls resembled Ivy and Aria which is what I loved the most. These days representation means a lot and it's important that the girls know that it's okay to look or be different from other girls around them. To embrace their curls and to love the skin their in. I was very happy about this, the girls were happy to have mini me's as well. 

The girl's dolls also came with a ton of ballet accessories, which they went crazy over because they do ballet and tap.

 As a mom I appreciate the Our Generation brand for everything they are, everything their doing and everything they continue to do for girls everywhere. These are more than just dolls, they are a reminder that little girls will grow up to be big women that will change the world.

Thank you Our Generation for the girl's dolls & accessories

Our Generation products are available at Target in-stores and online here
Check out our official website for access to product descriptions, themes, and fun activities here

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Our Generation.)

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