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Ivy's 1/2 birthday party with the Brown Girls Club.

Hi guys!
What is more beautiful than celebrating the skin your in? What's more beautiful than teaching our little ones to do the same? Absolutely nothing. Celebrating our skin, cultures, backgrounds, and everything in between is what makes us, us. It's what makes our world beautiful. Today we are celebrating my little brown girl and her 1/2 birthday with the Brown Girls Club.

The Brown Girls club is a shop created by the wonderful Crystal Swain-Bates. Crystal is the author of not one, not two but six different books celebrating African American children everywhere. Crystal's goal was beautiful and simple "to remind brown girls and women daily of their sparkle!". Brown Girls Club sells so many different products you will be sure to find something for every little brown girl in your life. They have magnets, books, clothes and so much more. Celebrating melanin has never been more fabulous!

For review, I received both of the Brown Girls Club party sets in the mail. They we're both super cute I had such a hard time choosing one. So ultimately I choose the Big Hair Don't Care party pack and decided to save the other one for another party in the future. It is super hard if not nearly impossible to find a set of party supplies with a little African American girl on them so I was so grateful for this party pack.

The Big Hair Don't Care party pack featured a gorgeous little princess by the name of Lola. Lola is the main character from the book entitled "Big Hair Don't Care".  The party pack came with 101 pieces which included:
1 tablecloth.
16 lunch plates.
16 dessert plates.
16 cups.
8 pink balloons
8 yellow balloons.

This set was obviously created for 16 people, but we wanted to keep Ivy's party small, with just her sister and cousins. So to celebrate Ivy's black girl magic and her 1/2 birthday we did just that.

We even brought the iPhone to play some music. It was a great time!  I set up the tablecloth
on the table and the balloons around the side walls. I then poured cups of juice for the girls and set out some pizza for them. I turned up some kids tunes and let them party. It was the cutest thing ever watching all my little black queens dance and laugh was a heartwarming site. The girls loved their pizza and goodies. They loved the decorations even more. At the end of the party we all sung Happy Birthday to Ivy with a small cake I let her pick out. I am so happy the Brown Girls Club was able to provide such a good time for them and make Ivy feel like a birthday girl princess. I always want to teach my girls and nieces that their skin, hair, culture and everything about them is beautiful. Always has been. Always will be. And I always wanna celebrate fun 1/2 birthdays of course.

Thank you Brown Girls Club for a magical party!

You can check out all things Brown Girls Club here & Amazon Prime.
(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Brown Girls Club.)

Brown Girls Club


  1. Girl how absolutely adorable! Somebody has to have a birthday party soon so we can get these 😂😂

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