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5 pretend play toys for under $30.00 (featuring. KidzLane).

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. This is a compensated post from KidzLane.)

Hi guys!
I don't know about you but I've been doing a little Christmas shopping. I did shop around a bit in the stores during Black Friday, but I did not find many things I wanted. I was shopping for the kids, and that can sometimes be a hard task, not because they are picky but because they get bored so easily. Plus on top of that toys are freaking expensive. So in today's blog post not only am I bringing you guys 5 fun toys your kids won't get bored of but I am also bringing you 5 affordable ones too with KidzLane.

KidzLane is a brand that brings parents and little ones some of the coolest toys out. Rather your little one is into pretend, learning or outdoor play KidzLane has a toy to interest them. For my kids and many kids their ages I've noticed, they are really into pretend play so I decided to focus this post around that. I was able to work with KidzLane on an Instagram collab a few weeks ago so I am excited to be able to bring this newest collab here to my blog. Now let us get started with our list.

1. Kids Clean up Set: Whenever I'm washing the dishes or cleaning up the girls always ask to help. This toy is a great option for kids who like to clean up with mom or dad. It comes with 6 pieces plus accessories.

2. Durable Doctors Kit: Paging doctor toddler anyone? With this adorable doctor set your little one will feel like they are a real-life doctor. With 12 pieces that include things like a phone and electric stethoscope, they will surely save some stuffed toy dolls lives.

3. Play Teaset: This 15 piece + set is super fun for those daily tea parties little ones have with all their Barbie dolls. It's made of plastic BPA free and has bright colors that really makes each piece catch little one's attention. 

4. Pretend Veterinarian Doctor Set: Another set similar to our doctors set, this one will get little imaginations going as they pretended to save animals with their vet tools. This set comes equipped with 17 pieces like the 3-in-1 carrier exam case table and storage case. This is the ultimate pet lovers set.

5. Durable Walkie Talkies: This set of walkie-talkies will keep the fun going long after the holiday is over. Easy to use and super kid friendly they have a 2-mile range and 3 separate channels. Pretending to be a princess trapped in a castle or a firefighter paging your partner using these walkie-talkies is a fun time!

Pretty cool toys uh? 5 great pretend play toy options all at affordable prices for the kiddos in your life. Merry Christmas and happy shopping friends!

Thank you, KidzLane for all of the girl's new toys.
You can shop each toy linked below + more KidzLane HERE.


  1. Pretend play is so much fun and with all these the girls have options ����❤️

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