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5 things you wanna know about Rae Dunn.

Hi guys!
If you follow me on Instagram @missporsha than you have seen my stories. You know that I am Rae Dunn obsessed. I love the pieces and I want to collect them all. So Rae Dunn.. what is it? who is it? What's all the hype around this? I get questions in my dms all the time, so today I am giving you guys all you need to know about Rae Dunn.

First things first Rae Dunn isn't only a brand it's an actual woman named Rae. Rae creates simple yet sought after handmade pottery that has different words or saying on them. Each one is one of a kind and they are super fun to collect so let's get to Rae Dunn questions, shall we?

1. What does Rae Dunn make?
Rae Dunn makes so many items where do I start? They have bowls, mugs, plates, tumblers, baking dishes, utensil holders, bathroom items, notebooks, candles, aprons, word stones. Rae Dunn pretty much makes everything. They also come in different colors too.

2.  What's the hype around Rae Dunn?
People ask me this so much, what hype? Yes, Rae Dunn is very popular but people collect it and love it. I see no difference than when people collect baseball cards, makeup, shoes, antiques. Rae Dunn is just something fun to collect and hunt for. 

I know many people who collect everything from Rae Dunn. But for me personally, I only collect kitchen items. Something about those mugs and bowls I love so much and I love the canisters and pitchers as well. I love #dunning aka hunting for Rae Dunn pieces.

3. Where can I buy Rae Dunn?
You can buy Rae Dunn on the actual site here or other websites like Mercari or Depop. You can also find local Facebook groups that people buy and trade them on. If you don't like shopping online you can also find them at your local TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Home Goods.

4. When is the best time to buy Rae Dunn?
One of my best friends Chey whos a big Rae Dunn gave me a really good tip on when to buy Rae Dunn. Stores typically put them out 3 times a week. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

5. What are some tips for finding the good stuff?
I'd say have a good Rae buddy, a friend that will go to different stores in their area that way you guys can look out for each other and trade items. Otherwise, if you're doing it all alone I would just say visit stores and be on the lookout whenever you get a chance. I go maybe once a week and I'll make my rounds between the stores in my area. I typically find things have been hidden or moved. Sometimes I even find things on clearance if I am lucky. 

So I hope this answers many of the questions I get on Instagram from you guys. I am not a Rae Dunn expert and I never claim to be. This is just me speaking from my own experience. Huge shout out to my Rae bestie Chey and all the Rae Dunn lovers in the world. Happy #dunning!

Rae Dunn shirt by: Sallie Anne Boutique
A very huge thank you for this awesome t-shirt :)


  1. These are amazing handicrafts made personalized. I like how the mugs were made.

  2. Kristine Nicole AlessandraMarch 18, 2019 at 1:59 PM

    I love the bowls and mugs! I love handmade stuff and these ones are true collectibles! I will check out the website now.

  3. I see Rae Dunn products everywhere now. I dont want to be a collector but I would like to own a few ceramics.

  4. The mugs are so cool! I like that you can personalize it! Nice!

  5. All of these pieces are so very cute! I absolutely love the rustic feel of these.