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5 tips on packing lunch for your little ones (featuring. Yumbox).

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What do you think when you hear food's like tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, or ham sandwiches? For me, I hear all of the things Ivy will not eat when I pack her lunch. Recently I have started packing lunch for Ivy to take to school because she doesn't like the lunch in the cafeteria. But even though I am packing a lunch for her she doesn't always eat it. I think it's safe to say I got a picky eater on my hands. So I thought what could I do to make lunchtime easier for Ivy and myself? Well, I figured it out and today I am going to share with you some tips on making lunchtime fun for your little's. If you have a picky eater on your hands too and need a little help, then this is post is for you.

Recently I came across a brand called Yumbox. Yumbox was created by two mom named Maia and Daniela. They created Yumbox to help our little ones develop healthy eating habits. From spending time in France and being Inspired by how they served lunches in their schools with nutrition, balance, taste, and varieties. Yumbox was born to do the same. Because as a parent we could all use more help getting our little ones to eat balanced meals. 

The Yumbox is a box with single lid sealed compartments designed to be designated for each food group. The compartments are built for portion control helping parents assist with how much they pack. While the neat illustrations make the box more appealing to little ones, they also come in a ton of different sizes. Encouraging little ones to eat better is the goal and with Yumbox that goal is easier to reach than ever. So here are my 5 tips:

1.  Buy a Yumbox: Yumbox's are great for packing nutrition lunches for your little ones as you can tell from everything mentioned above Ivy uses the Hollywood Pink 4 compartment box  It fits nice in her lunch pale, it also keeps her food super fresh. 

2. Think creativity: Rather you hop on Pinterest to get inspiration on how to make really cool food art or buy cute little sandwich cutters (like the ones above which you can find here) getting creative is key. If kids see how cool their lunch is they are more likely to eat it.

3. Make a grocery list with your little one:  This was by far Ivy's favorite. Having your little's involved in what they have in their lunch is a big deal. Of course, they might suggest something like ice cream, but that's when you redirect the conversation to something like maybe yogurt instead. Almost like ice cream but more nutritional. Seeing the types of things your little one likes to eat and coming up with things together as a team will make the process so much smoother. It's also important to remember while they are little it's still nice to allow them to make choices too. 

4. Take your little one to shop with you: This is another tip for having them get involved because now not only do they have a list that they made with mom/dad, they actually have a hand in going to the store with you and helping you shop for their lunch. This will make he/she feel like a big kid.

5. Let your little one help you pack: Lastly, let them help you pack their lunch in their brand new Yumbox. By now they will not only have had a hand in helping you make a list and shop but also packing their own lunch. Plus who knows seeing all the work that goes into making their own lunch might make them more appreciative of how hard you work to do this for them.

So there you have it 5 tips on packing lunch for your littles. I hope these tips help and make packing a lunch easier for you and your little. Also below I have made a list of things Ivy's likes for lunch. If you have any suggestions for picky eaters let me know :)
  • rolled ham
  • salami
  • grapes
  • string cheese
  • strawberries
  • regular cheese/ cheese cubes
  • baby bel cheese
  • yogurt
  • chocolate milk
  • pretzels
  • pickles
  • boiled eggs
  • carrots w/ ranch
  • applesauce
  • goldfish
  • strawberry raisins
  • regular raisins 
  • popcorn
  • fruit snacks
  • fruit rolls
  • cheerios
  • pineapples
  • cheese
  • grilled cheese
  • kiwi
  • grilled chicken 
  • bread (she doesn't like an entire sandwich only things separated.)
  • cookies ( Ivy loves being rewarded with Oreos)

To find out more about Yumbox and how to purchase them you can check out all things Yumbox here.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own. This is a sponsored post from Yumbox.)

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