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Dressing up our bedroom with a Nathan James dresser.

Hi guys!
How are you I am beat. My husband and I recently just got done rearranging our bedroom. It took hours and hours of moving, sorting, throwing things out. But it was all worth it cause now we have more space to move around. I even added a few things to the wall and bought some new candles. But I think its safe to say my favorite part of our room now is our brand new dresser from Nathan James.
 Unfamiliar with Nathan James? Click here or here to read more about the brand and see our last two collabs. I love working with Nathan James, the team is always awesome and the products last forever. So for this go around I was able to choose a piece I really loved and that's the Calvin bedroom dresser.

The Calvin Bedroom dresser is an amazing storage antique dresser. It comes in two color options dry brown oak or mine dry gray oak. It has a beautiful wood finish that no one can resist. Soft fabric drawers with lots of storage, so you can keep a ton of your clothes in. Plus brass handles for easy gripping. While very sturdy the Calvin Bedroom dresser is only 32" and only 100 pounds and did I mention very easy to move, if you're like me and constantly rearranging things. My husband put it together in minutes without any issues. Oh, and the best part is it has a 90-day guarantee! You don't like it? Simply return it. But trust me this is something you'll love.

We love our dresser so much, its great to be able to not only stay organized but modern too :)

Thank you, Nathan James, for our dresser!
You can shop our dresser HERE.
You can check out all things Nathan James HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Nathan James.)

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