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Girls trip to the snow.

Hi Friends!
What were you up to, two weekends? Well, Ivy, Aria and I took a girls trip to the snow and let me tell you it was a memory to remember

Fear of driving in the snow alone with no chains, I decided to cancel the trip, But Ivy and Aria were so excited I realized the show must go on. I packed the girls in the truck and headed for the snow. But before we got there I had to make a stop to my best friends house first. About halfway there the girls fell asleep, so I stopped to grab some breakfast for them for when they woke up. When I got to Melissa's house and borrowed a ton of snow gear from her. Jackets, gloves, boots. It really came in handy so we didn't have to but any gear ourselves. Which actually reminds me that I need to return that stuff to her ha, ha Sorry Mel! 

So we got back on the road and the girls remained asleep for a while. A few miles away from the sight Aria woke up and said "Woah" in her tiny sweet voice when she realized that snow was everywhere. Even though my mapquest said 6 miles away I decided that I was too nervous to go any further without chains. So I found a nice spot outside a local neighborhood instead.

Ivy was still asleep when we arrived, and Aria had never seen snow before. So I decided to take this moment with just Aria and soak it in. She ran right into the snow touching it and smiling she was so happy and amazed. I'll never forget the smile across her face feeling the snow for the first time. I let her run around a bit then I woke up Ivy. Ivy had been to the snow twice before Aria was born so this was her 3rd time but she still was really happy to be there. It was so much fun. The girls and I played in the snow for about an hour and a half. It was actually really warm so we ended up taking off our jackets. The girls made snow angels, snowballs and we even attempted a snowman. We face timed Dayjhan on his break and the girls showed him all the snow. They were so excited. Though it didn't turn out how we planned, it actually turned out even better.

Shout out to our bomb photographer Miss. Ivy Rose

Yes our snowman had a broke fork for a nose and screws for a mouth. He mama had to improvise.

 We had such a fun girls trip and made so many special memories that Saturday morning. 

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