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life has a way of I’m not sure how to say it, the only way I can put it is.. life has a way of doing weird things. Monday can be the best day of your life. Tuesday can be the worst. Wednesday you can win the lotto. Thursday you could die. I can’t begin to say I understand why things happen the way they do. I can’t question it. All I can do is just try to live life every day the best way I can. Deal the cards I was dealt. That’s what you did. Though you we’re going through such pain one day and then felt better the next you always stayed positive. No matter what was going on with or around you, you always lived your best life. Bingo on the week nights, TV game shows in the day, maybe even a trip to Walmart here and there. It wasn’t much but it was yours and you made the best of it. I can’t remember every part of the last conversation we had but I do remember it ended with “I love you.” I will take those words and hold them in my heart. Today, tomorrow, forever. If there’s one thing I really want people to know about you it’s that you were a fighter. So strong. So brave. Until the very end, you fought. You were so strong. I am going to take care of dad for you. Don’t you worry. We are going to move forward together stronger than before. While you watch over us. 
Rest easy. love you grandma. 

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