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Ivy says.

Hi guys!
Guess what today is? Yep, another rendition of one of my most popular post-Ivy says. You can read all the other ones here. But for now, enjoy the latest things that Ivy has said.

"Ew, what kinda animal is a that? Where is it from?"
When watching the Grinch movie.

"Can you blink one eye?"
When referring to winking.

"If my shirt gets messed up I’m never doing science again"
When I told her she was going to do a science project on tv.
(Ivy was on the news about two months ago).

"I didn’t have any dreams my eyes were closed."
When I said to her Good morning, did you have any dreams? 

"No, they don’t cut it out"
When I said something looked delicious. 

"No, I’m not going to be all those things I’m going to be busy"
When I asked her if she still wanted to be a Target employee, hairstylist, and doctor. 

"Swimsuits! Swimsuits for me!"
Walking pass Victoria Secrets.

"She’s beautiful, my god."
When she opened her my little pony happy meal.

"Because I’m happy"
When I asked her "why you so pretty?"

"I don’t want you to work."
But if I don’t work I can’t buy your toys.
"Okay okay, I want you to work!"

"Daddy, you're a girl!"
When he carried my purse for me.

"Mommy I wanna drive."
Randomly asked if she can drive my car.

"I love you because your a good mommy cause you always buy me toys with your wallet."
When I asked her why I’m a good mommy.

"Mommy, you’re to grown to be wearing that."
When I put on my Xmas adult onesie.

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