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Keeping Fit Over the Festive Period.

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With Christmas fast approaching, the last thing on most people’s minds is going to be getting fit or being healthy. After all, this is the time of year we all wait for so that we can gorge on food, drink and be merry. But, the enjoyment of the festive period can go hand in hand with maintaining or improving your fitness before the New Year and here are some suggestions on how to do that. 

Going to the gym can seem like a difficult task that requires a lot of motivation and time commitment. However, if you are fitness ready at home then you won’t have to make the treacherous journey to a building full of healthy people, doing their exercise. Instead, you can take a few minutes every day to do some good for your own health and state of mind. Any fitness equipment shop worth their salt is going to have all of the important tools that you will need at home. If you’re looking to just get your heart pumping, consider some light weights and a mat for stretching. You’d be surprised how much of a sweat you will get by doing yoga in the home, and it feels great afterwards because your body has been loosened up. 
That said, if you’re more of a go hard or go home kind of character, then you might want to get yourself an early Christmas present. Treadmills, rowing machines and spin bikes will all give you a much more intense workout, but they do come with a more significant price tag. Thinking about what you want from a home exercise routine is your best bet here. If you want to get into some sort of shape before taking on a gym, then maybe some smaller equipment is for the best.

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Of course, there are those of you who like going to the gym, and why not? It is a safe haven for a lot of people to go and do their exercise without the interruptions of home life. At this time of year, you will probably feel the gym you are using become a little bit less busy before the New Year resolutions kick in. So enjoy this quieter time to try some new equipment or chat to the staff who will be more than happy to assist you with any of your needs. Using the gym at this time of year can be a therapeutic distraction from the stress that Christmas has to offer; an hour or two to yourself, to focus on your needs and to run off any excess frustrations from the shops or family member’s demands. 
Bear in mind that exercise isn’t just about your weight or what you look like. There is a link between our mental health and being active, and at this time of year our minds can take a bit of hit due to the extra pressure that the holidays bring. So get moving this December to give yourself a better New Year.

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