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Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Winter.

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Keeping your kids healthy is a priority for any mom, all year around, yet with winter comes the additional need to protect your family - as this is the season when almost everyone finds themselves with a sniffly nose, sore throat and chesty cough that can last a few days up to a few months.  In this sense, you’ll want to consider the best strategy to ensure your kids keep healthy this winter.

  1. Add More Fruit & Veg to Their Diet
Your children should be eating at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables each day however this is not always as simple as it sounds. Sometimes you have to get imaginative in how to add it to your children's diets. You can make fun snack like naughts and crosses using cucumbers, carrot sticks and grapes. Or make a yummy smoothie with lots of different fruits. 
2. Have Regular Check-Ups.
It is important that you look after your child’s overall health with regular checkups. Find a health centre that you can trust and build a relationship with them.  This way, if your child does fall ill you can take them to a centre such as urgent care lehi and know you can trust them to have the best medical treatment. 
3. Make Sure They Routinely Wash Their Hands.
With hands going everywhere and normally ending up in their mouths, hand hygiene is so important.  Have it as part of your child’s routine to wash their hands regularly - not just when they seem to be dirty. Lead by example and make a big deal about washing your hands before preparing a meal, eating and when coming in from doing chores outside. Hopefully your child will follow suit. 
4. Give Them Good Bacteria & Supplements
Regular tummy bugs can really take its toll on your child's immune system. Make sure that your child's gut flora is stable by replacing the beneficial bacteria that might be struggling following courses of antibiotics and illness. Look at supplementing their diet with probiotics  and help prevent further problems with their health.
In addition to probiotics, you might want to consider a daily dose of aloe vera or a multivitamin supplement that ensures they receive their daily intake of amino acids, minerals and vitamins.
5. Ensure They Exercise
Years ago, children spent most of their childhood outside however with the increase of technology children spend more and more time inside. Encourage your children to spend more time outside with these fun activities. Mixing with other children can help improve their immune system, exercise will help make them stronger and their spirits will be lifted, improving their mental health. 
One of the best  ways to ensure they exercise is to play active games with them, as few children like the idea or are in the position to join a gym and run on a treadmill, but activities such as sledging can be a great form of cardiovascular exercise as they are having to keep running back up the hill in order to slide down it.

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