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6 Gifts For Your Family...That Are Also For You.

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Ok, let's get one thing clear straight away: the holiday season should be about giving gifts to others because it’s a nice thing to do. But is there a law anywhere that says you can’t do that and also get something for yourself, too? If you’re going to spend time locating the perfect gift for a loved one, you may as well make it possible that some of that goodness comes back to you. No-one loses in this scenario! Below, we take a look at a number of gift ideas for the family that will also benefit your life (beyond the usual “warm fuzzy feelings from giving a gift”). A good for the family can be a gift for everyone (chiefly, you)!

Scented Candles
You’re all living under one roof, so what happens under that roof is going to affect you. Why not get your family members some scented candles, and enjoy the gift of a calming aroma? They’re not exactly going to light the candle anywhere other than the home, are they? You might even want to subtly suggest that the candles complement the color of the walls in the living area especially well. Hey presto, you’ve just won yourself a night of atmospheric candle times on a winter’s night. 
Food and Drinks
Everyone loves receiving some delicious food and drink items at Christmas time, the time of year when it’s acceptable to eat and drink as much you please, without any consideration for the waistline. And who keeps all food and drink items to themselves? Nobody except the most selfish. So why not look at buying a family member something that tastes delicious? You could buy them something like an Island Bounty Gift Basket, which contains cookies, Macadamia nuts, and Macadamia brittle, among other delicious items. Or you can buy them a nice bottle of wine; once the food has been cleared, they might just decide to unscrew the top...and it’s not like they’re going to drink the whole bottle by themselves, is it?  
Board Games
No-one “owns a board game.” It just exists in the house. If they’re not there or don’t want to play, it’s not like you can’t touch it. Of course you can! So this year, why not look at getting someone in your family a classic board game? Though of course, the rule here should be that it’s someone who does legitimately love playing them anyway. You’ll be able to crack it open in the evening, and engage in the time-honored tradition of everyone in the family falling out because of a dispute relating to the rules of the game. 
New Technology
There’s a whole host of new technology available for the home, and if your house is currently lacking in this department, then maybe it’s time to invest! Not for your sake, of course, but for the sake of whoever you happen to buy it for. A new television, speakers, smart device, or any other staple of the modern home will all go down a storm. For starters, they’re just pretty big gifts, since they’re not cheap. Second, it would take a special kind of person to keep any of these items in their bedroom. They’re going to be right front and center, for everyone to enjoy. 
A Trip Down Memory Lane
There’s a gift out there that’s heartwarming to make, lovely to receive, and benefits everyone in the long run. It’s a picture album! Every family has a hundred thousand photos sitting around the home, but they’re mostly just in boxes. Why not look at selecting some of the favorites and putting them into a photo album? You can add little notes to each photo, too. This really is a lovely gift. They’re awesome to make, are heartfelt and thus nicer to receive than a “normal gift,” and you’ll all be able to sit around in the evening and flick through it together. Aw. 
A Weekend Away
There are some studies that back up what many us thought anyway: that https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/294163. As such, why not delete some of your family members to a weekend away, in a local city or elsewhere? They’ll be thrilled that you’ve organized a trip that takes all the hard work out of their hands, but most importantly, you’ll have bought yourself a weekend of having the home all to yourself. And if you’ve bought a new television for someone else in your clan, what better time to see just how high quality the picture really is. 

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