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Pia’s rainbow baby shower.

Hi friends!
Happy Friday! The week flew by so fast. It feels like just yesterday I was throwing a shower for my sister and her baby girl. But it was actually last Saturday and I am so happy to finally getting around to sharing the day with you guys.

So like I said last Saturday, December 1 I threw a shower for my sister and some close friends and family. We had around 20 guests, though my sister was fashionably late to her own shower, we still had a blast ;) 

The shower was held at the Sierra 2 Center in Curtis Park. A great place one of my awesome co-workers Nicole suggested. The room was a really good price and very spacious. The shower was to be from 1:00-3:00 so my girls and I showed up around 11:45 to start decorating at 12:00. Initially, I was supposed to have a few friends help me decorate but it seemed like everyone ran late that day! And while Ivy and Aria helped mommy set up the tablecloths and tableware could have done without the knives in the cups and the plates upside. Nevertheless, my best friend Melissa and my god mom Nicki showed up to help set up and save the day! My mother in law was even the first guest show up and help decorate too. Once we got it all decorated the guest started arriving just in time.

The guest came in and I had them sign an adorable tiny cloud that was to written on and slide into a glass frame. A cute version of a guest book for my sister. The shower was rainbow theme so this was perfect. Next to this table was a table in commemorence of my sister's son who passed, and her new rainbow baby girl. This was my favorite part of the shower. After signing in the guest played a few games like baby charades which were so funny and fun. The measuring game, where everyone guesses how big my sister's belly was and a gift raffle. The prizes were a bath and body works set which seemed to work out great because we had only one boy at the shower. 

In between games, my sister arrived with food and we all set it up and got to eating. We had a taco/nacho bar with sodas for the adults and Capri suns for the kids. It was good but hosting I barley got to eat any. Which was okay because at-least everyone else seemed to enjoy the food. We even had a candy bar that Nicki set up which included handmade cookies from the baker Spider Monkey (check out her work here, bubble gum, chocolate and more. I even had a jar of bubbles for the little ones which they enjoyed outside on the patio. Which by the way was amazing. Because while the adults did their thing inside the kids had the entire patio to run around and play. Oh, and I can’t forget we had the most amazing strawberry filled rainbow cake. While we didn’t have time to cut it at the party it made the entire candy bar table shine. Literally with a sparkly cake topper with baby girls last name on it. Custom made by my friend Maria (check out her blog here). The best cake topper ever. 

Once my sister finished opening her gifts with the help of Aria saying “oo” “aw” and “that’s cute” it was time to clean up and head home. While planning a baby shower was more work than I ever expected and really hard it was definitely worth it to see the joy it brought my sister. 

I love my sister and her rainbow baby girl. I hope that one day baby girl will read this and know how much of a miracle she is and know how much we love her. And to my nephew in heaven, I know that he will watch over his mom, dad, and his new sister forever. I love you four.

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