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Quick And Dirty Beauty Hacks For Busy Moms.

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Being a full-time mom can be a lot of fun. But because the job is so demanding, you often don’t have time to do everything that you want to do, including keeping up appearances.
But in today’s blogger-centric world, you can’t go far before you run into some advice about how to make yourself look beautiful, even if you’re juggling three kids, a mortgage, two jobs, and a husband. Take a look at these quick and dirty beauty hacks. You’ll totally love them.

Embrace Night Cream

Companies market night creams as a way to fend off aging and keep yourself looking youthful. With all the stress of children and money, it’s no surprise that a lot of women think they need it. The good news is that night cream is not only effective at rejuvenating your skin; it’s also one of the easiest hacks out there. Blob the serum on your hands, rub it into your face, and then turn the lights out, go to sleep, and let it do its magic.
Start Using Kid-Proof Hairstyles
Kids love to claw at your hair, something that can be a nightmare if you’re trying to wear your hair long for a special occasion.
Instead of having to push your kids away or endless reach for the hairbrush, try experimenting with some “kid-proof” hairstyles.
What could you try? Bangs are probably the obvious choice, looking both elegant and respectable. But you could also use a messy bun, or even better, a classic ponytail. Some women also opt for shorter haircuts, like pixies, for when things get really dirty during the toddler years.
Create A Jewelry System
Knowing what jewelry to wear can be a tricky business, especially when you change outfits all the time. Different jewelry makers, according to https://diamondexpert.com/james-allen-review/, have separate appeals, so it’s worth making sure that you pair your accessories correctly. Come up with a system whereby you match each item of jewelry you own to an outfit so that it’s easier and quicker to get ready in the morning.
Make Hygiene Hassle-Free
Being a busy mom robs you of time and forces you to take shortcuts, even when it comes to personal hygiene. Obviously, you don’t want those shortcuts to be too short, but you do want to simplify your routine, if possible.
Remember, there’s no need to shampoo and condition every day. If you’re worried about grease buildup, use a dry shampoo.
Don’t bother with complicated waxing or sugaring routines says https://www.therealisticmama.com/. Stick with a simple razor and deal with all the essentials. Anything that’ll remain covered up for the rest of the day, leave.
Finally, treat yourself to some soothing essential oils when you get the chance to relax. Rosemary and lavender can really help spruce up a bubble bath.
Stop Abusing Your Makeup Bag
Do you have a habit of stuffing all your makeup items into a wash bag? If so, you’re not alone. But by doing this, you could be wasting time and damaging your makeup which, as we know, doesn’t come cheap. Try repurposing the bathroom cabinet to hold all your makeup and arrange it in order of use.

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