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Soothing A Baby That Always Cries.

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If you have a baby that always cries, then we just know you’re going to have been pulling your hair out for a long while now. You will probably have tried every cuddle in the world, every story in the world, and every type of distraction that you could possibly think of. Because when you’ve got a baby that’s always crying, all you can think is that you’re doing something wrong. Surely if they were content and happy, they wouldn’t be crying? Well, don’t worry about that. It’s sometimes just the temperament of the baby you have, and how they’re adjusting to life on the outside of the womb. But even if you feel like you’ve tried every trick in the book and it’s just not working, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve never truly tried everything, and a lot of it will be more about trial and error! So, here are our top tips that should help you soothe your baby.

Love & Affection
Love and affection is definitely something you need to master. We’re not trying to say that you won’t absolutely adore your baby more than anything in the world. But we are trying to say that you might not be showing it in the right way. One of the quickest ways of calming a baby down, is wrapping them up in something soft like the merino wool baby blankets, as tight as you can without obviously hurting them, and then keeping them tight to your body. It’s such a soothing technique for them and you, and the tightness of the wrap and the warmth of your body is super soothing for them. As close as you can be to them, is the best practice for a crying baby! Even if it means you having to have extra cuddles throughout the day, we’re sure it’s not going to hurt you. Don’t take the advice of ignoring a crying baby until they stop, it can cause them such distress.
Is There Something Deeper Going On?
If your baby is always crying, it might be worth thinking about whether they’re actually just a moody baby, or whether there’s something deeper going on. It’s often the case that a baby with underlying medical conditions will be the one the cause of all of the crying. It could be that they’re lactose intolerant, and the milk you’re giving them is causing them severe pain. It could be a skin condition you can’t control.. It could be anything, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be life threatening.
Time & Patience 
The crying stage isn’t going to pass, and although it might seem like it’ll go on for years on end, it’ll realistically only last for a few weeks, and no more than a more or two. They’re just adjusting to their new home, and their parents and the way of life you lead. Once they settle and become more relaxed, the crying will slowly fade away and you’ll be able to settle into family life.

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