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The Carr & Belleci kid's Christmas photo shoot.

Hi friends!
Can you believe that Christmas is almost less than a week away? Isn't that insane? There's still so much to do and in so little time. But one thing that I don't have to worry about doing is Christmas photos for the girls.

A few weeks ago my best friend Melissa and I took our kids for a mini Christmas photoshoot to one of my favorite Photographers Krissie MarieWhen I received a promotional email for a Christmas mini, it was such a good deal. I forward the email to Melissa and we both agreed our kids had to shoot together. Melissa has two boys the same age as Iv and Aria, Matthew and Gabe 2 and 4. So whenever we get together its super fun and super convenient. Plus Krissie has been doing photos for me since I was pregnant with Ivy and she does a great job. This time was no exception.

We met up at Krissie's Studio and the shoot was short and sweet. The photos came out so nice and the kids looked so cute. So below I've added some of my most favorite ones. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I loved drooling over them. I'm so happy with the way the shoot turned out and I am even happier that my kids get to grow up with Matthew and Gabe and I get to grow old with such an amazing friend like Melissa. Merry Christmas!

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