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The Carr family takes on Candytopia.

Hi friends!
In this day and age, we've all seen the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory right? It's a total classic. Charlie wins golden ticket and experiences all the magic of Willy Wonka and the candy-filled factory. Well when I heard that we had our very own modern-day chocolate factory with a twist, it was time we took a walk in Charlie's shoes.

 Candytopia! Located in San Franciso, CA and right across from the Musume of Ice cream (read that blog post here). It's a candy lovers dream. When Candytopia first opened it was nearly impossible to get tickets. But then I got lucky. I finally was able to score some tickets for my family and I and each day that went by I literally counted down the days until our trip.

We didn't tell the girls we were going until the morning of the trip confused and excited all they knew were that they were going to eat all the candy their tiny hearts desired. We headed to San Fransico with a few snacks so we didn't get full before got there. Our girls slept most of the way, and it took us about an hour and a half to get there. But after getting to the city 40 minutes early and passing the parking structure up like 12 times we ended up being late for our time slot. Our tickets were for 4:15 and we actually showed up around 4:20 lucky for us the staff was awesome and allowed us into the 4:30-time slots. After going over some rules and scanning mine and Dayjhan's tickets (the girls didn't need tickets) we were finally let in.

First things first a family photo by one of the staff members to remember this memory, next we were immediately greeted with taffy b the staff. Ivy and Aria even got seconds. Before letting us into the doors where all the fun begins the staff refreshed us on the rules and then we had a fun impromptu dance party with them, then it was candy time!

Room 1: A staff member gave us the history on Candytopia and how it was created. Then next thing we know an elf on the shelf came down from the ceiling with a ton of chocolates for us it was delicious. 

Room 2: After heading down a glow in the dark escalator it was time for room two. Which was filled with huge lollipop statue and swings for the little's. Plus all the caramel apple lollypops we can eat.

Room 3: Give me all the 70's vibes. After walking through a door made of beads we spotted wallpaper was black and white stripes and covered in photos made of jelly beans. With familiar faces like Snoop dog, Cardi B, and the emojis. In this room, the girls snacked on some smarty bracelets. The girls and I even snapped a photo on thrown made of glass. Can you say Queen staus?

Room 4: This room was honestly made for neat photo ops I swear. From walls made to look like clouds to a stairway to candy heaven this room was so neat. Plus it had huge play balls and so many airhead candies.

Room 5: Was an under the sea vibe. Mermaids made of jelly beans hanging from the walls and a ton of sea creatures. Like my favorite mama shark do do do do do do. This room was fun too and had a treasure chest full of pixie sticks. 

Room 6: This was the girl's second favorite room. Can you say snow? okay, okay maybe not really snow but loads of confetti and leaf blowers made it feel like a real snow day. the girls and even Dayjhan and I were so impressed by this room. As the staff blew around the snow and even threw it at the kids we enjoyed watching them run and play and even spin around on the trolli gummy bear spinner. We spent forever in this room before leaving. We also took some trolli goodies on the way out. After we attempted to use the body blow dryer in the corner to get all the confetti of us. I think I still have some confetti in my Lily Jade Diaper bag nearly three weeks later. ha.

Room 7: Now this was the girls favorite. after we entered the room through what felt like a bunch of doors made of our bouncy house materials. We got in line for the marshmallows pit. Not actual Marshmellow but replies filled to the top in a huge pit. I can't remember the exact amount of time we got in the pit maybe 6-8 minutes but it was so cool. The girls drowned in a bunch of marshmallows. Attempting to swim and stand was even a struggle for me there were so many but it was so much fun.

This was the last room before the gift shop, down there we picked up some candy and souvenirs before we left. Everything was pretty reasonable price wise. We left with not only fun memories but a lot of sugar too. After leaving Candytopia we went across the way to Marshalls where mama bought some Rae Dunn and back across the way to Super Duper Burger for dinner. 

Our trip to Candytopia was everything I imagined. I would definitely suggest taking your family there. I would also suggest downloading the app before you head there because it has a ton of cool features and photo ops we didn't get to use. 

Thank you Candytopia for making my childhood dream come true :)

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