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Why I choose Replay family tableware for my kids.

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What’s one of your littles favorite parts of the day? Well for Ivy and Aria it’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. anything having to do with food actually. My girls love to eat. So when it comes to feeding them we choose our favorite brand Replay.

We have been using Replay since Ivy was big enough to drink out of a sippy cup. It has been our favorite brand ever, so being able to collab with them.. well excitement is an understatement. Replay was founded with the belief that “mealtime is family time”. A family-owned company for over 25 years Replay has been a brand that many parents trust for their little ones. Made in the USA Replay is created using recycled food safe plastic. This was for sure something that really caught my attention. How in the world do they make super durable and colorful products out of recycled plastic? Well, Re-Play sources material and color concentrations meeting FDA and EU purity standards. This basically means everything used to create Re-Play products are is very safe. Re-Play products are BPA, BPS, and PVC free. Plus they are free of lead, phthalates, and surface coatings too. So yes this company made my kid's sippy cups colorful and free out of old milk jugs. (Check out more about how Re-Play products are made here.)

So what does Re-Play make? Well, Re-Play has a super wide variety of products for littles such as Plates, Bowls, Cups, Utensils, Snack stacks sets and so much more. Re-Play products also come in a wide range of colors! From black to purple, green and everything in between they literally have every color you can think of. Kids love the vibrant colors too. 

Well, what did we get in the mail? The girls were lucky enough to receive the Re-Play Sobert Children’s Tableware Collection. The collection features over 40 pieces which include:

6 divided plates 
6 plates 
6 bowls 
6 no spill sippy cups 
6 drinking cups
6 snack pods w/ 6 lids & 
6 utensil pairs 

The colors were not only very girly but very vibrant. Each piece made up of recycled milk jugs and surface coding free. We were so excited to receive this package. The girls couldn’t wait to use all their new goodies. Especially their no spill sippy cups which are our favorite things from Re-Play. Seeing as how we have been using Re-Play for years now I am positive that each and every piece will hold up for many uses to come. These are the best US made products for kids and I am so happy we discovered Re-Play. 

Thank you, Replay, for our entire set!
You can shop our sobert collection HERE.
You can check out all things Replay HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. This is a sponsored post from Re-Play. Replay Offical Parent Blogger.)

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