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Hi friends
Happy 2019! I haven’t talked to you guys since last year. ;) How did you spend your new years eve? Well me, I had dinner with my husband and our girls, followed by watching some random Netflix movie attempting not to fall asleep, while the girls ran around playing with balloons and taking full advantage of the fact mommy and daddy were too tired to get up and chase them. It’s a good thing we set an alarm clock for right before midnight otherwise I and my husband may not have made it to new year’s. Point is I was where I am the happiest. With my family. That’s why this year I want to get back to doing a lot of things that make me happy. Today I am sharing my hopes for the year and the mistakes I made in 2018 that I won’t be repeating this year. 
I can't tell you how many mistakes I made in 2018, I can't even tell you how many hopes and goals I had that completely didn't go as planned. Too many to count actually and that's okay. Because it's 2019 now which means a fresh start.

This year I plan on being more personal without being so personal. I know it sounds contradicting but it's true. I want to be able to connect more on a personal level with my readers/followers without feeling like I owe anyone anything. Because when you're a blogger you share so much of your life, that sometimes people feel as if you need to share every aspect which is not true. I tend to overshare so much especially via Instagram stories on a daily basis but this year I sort of want to share a little less. I still wanna share, just less. Spend more time off the phone and more time with my family and friends. Spending to much time on social media in 2018 had me putting important things in my life on the back burner. I don't want to repeat that again.

Another mistake I don't want to repeat is censoring myself. I wanna love out loud, be bold, be out outspoken, be fearless. I don't want to bite my tongue about the things I want to say or write about because others don't agree with me. I'm totally over that. Because when you try to continuously please others you lose your own true self in the process.

Lastly my goals. I have so many goals for this year a huge one, in particular, I'll hopefully be achieving by summer. I am not quite ready to share all of my goals yet. Because most people don't care about your goals. They just want to be nosy. So I will smash my goals in private and then I will celebrate in details with the public when I'm ready.

My word for the year is "believe". I plan on doing more of that. Hello, 2019.

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