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5 steps I've took to plan for Disneyland.

Hi friends!
If you follow me on Instagram or keep up with me on Twitter by now you already know that my family and I are headed to Disneyland in less than two weeks! Also, most of you know that even at the age of 29 I have never been! Yep true. Another thing that's true? I am a planner. I love planning out every single aspect of everything especially on a trip this big. So, of course, I have been planning out this trip like a mad woman. Making list and checking them twice like Santa Claus. So in today's post, I'm opening up my planner to you guys and telling you all the steps I've taken to prepare for Disneyland and what I still have left to do.

Like I said before I am making my list and checking it twice. So, of course, I did research on stuff like flights, hotel, cost, buying our Disney outfits and all that good stuff. Now since that is done what's left to prepare for right? Well, I currently have a list of everything from what I need to take on the plane to what I need to pack and it's really helped me stay super organized in making sure I don't forget anything. But what about once we get inside the park? Below are the steps Ive took to prepare for the Disneyland park.

1. Talking to friends: This probably has been the most helpful for me. I have a ton of Disney mom friends and they have been super helpful. They have answered all of my questions plus given me the best tips about the park.

2 Reading Disney blogs: Pinterest has been a life saver. If you type in things like "Disney trip" or "Disney hacks" so many helpful blog posts come up.

3. Researching food joints: I know Disney has a ton of food options. But unfortunately, we can't hit them all. So I've been not only looking at where to eat but looking at some delicious pictures too because I like to see what's on the menu before I order.

4. Stalking the forecast: While it's been a little rainy out in Anaheim the last few days I have been a nervous wreck here in Sacramento. But no rain is going to stop the fun. So I have been preparing for possible rain.


5. Getting my Disney bag ready: I have been looking into what to pack in my park bag or fanny pack. I tend to overpack so I'd hate to be stuck with anything I don't need. So doing a ton of research on what to put in my bag has been a must.

So I'm feeling pretty good about how much I have done. I have pretty much-finished everything I need to do for this trip. But I do have a handful of things left like getting familiar with the app, researching the best photo ops and getting our fast passes. What are some ways you got ready for your Disney trip to the park?


  1. I haven't been to disney park either. 🙈 It's in my bucket list. 😊 I like it how you have planned out everything.

  2. Great planning! I want to go to the park as well.

  3. I also research food places whenever I go traveling. :0)

  4. We've been to Disneyland and had a lot of fun. We can always use tips that worked from others to build an even better experience

  5. I've never been to Disneyland and if I have an opportunity, I will follow your strategy too. Reading Disney blogs helps a lot.

  6. What a great idea to research food joints. You always want to prepare in advance.