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Accessorizing Is An Art: Flawless Ways To Finish Any Outfit.

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If you don’t have the time or the money to shop for a brand new wardrobe every time the seasons change, it’s time to embrace the art of accessorizing. Accessories should be your best friend if you love to try out new looks, but you don’t want to break the bank. If you’re looking for effortless, flawless ways to finish off any outfit, here are some simple tips to bear in mind.

Live by the mantra that less is more (sometimes)
When it comes to accessorizing, it’s usually best to accept that less is more, but there may well be times when you want to push the boundaries. If you’re wearing a very simple outfit, for example, ripped jeans and a plain t-shirt, you can afford to be bold with your accessories. Nobody is going to stop and stare if you’re wearing shades, bangles, rings, a scarf, and a bag. On the flipside, if you’ve gone for a jazzier ensemble, let your clothes do the talking and use accessories to provide that perfect final touch. If you’re wearing a patterned, brightly colored maxi dress on a warm day, for example, stick to simple hoop earrings, a cross-body bag, and some chic, casual sandals. If you’re not sure whether you’ve gone too far, have a look in the mirror, remove individual items, and see which blend you like best. 
Mix and match
When it comes to building your collection of accessories, it’s always beneficial to cater for different scenarios, settings, and dress codes. If you love wearing jewelry, for example, you’ll probably want to wear different pieces for a night on the town to the ones you wear day in, day out. Mix and match high-quality, fine jewelry with costume pieces that are ideal for casual outfits. A good tip to prolong the life expectancy of your rings and necklaces is to add some anti tarnish strips to your jewelry box. If you live an area where the weather changes, you’ll also need to ensure your capsule wardrobe is geared towards different conditions, so stock up on different types of the same accessory. If you’re a hat fan, opt for a beret or a bobble hat in the winter and swap these items for a fedora, a straw hat or a cap in the summer. 
Channel trends you love
Trends come and go, and most of us can’t afford to buy a whole host of new clothes every time there’s a new look du jour. If you like to think of yourself as a style chameleon, you can use accessories to bring your outfits up to date and channel different themes. Add a leopard print scarf to add a hint of animal magic to a chic daytime look made up of black jeans, biker boots, and a leather jacket or embrace the 90’s and team a puffa jacket with a jersey maxi skirt, pumps, a varsity-style t-shirt, and a beanie. 

Accessories can make even the most basic, understated ensemble look brilliant. If you’re not a master in the art of accessorizing yet, you soon will be!

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