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Aria celebrates 3.

Hi friends!
January 7, 2019, my sweet baby girl turned 3 years young. This year is special because this year we are doing things a little different for both of our girls birthday.

This year Ivy and Aria won't have a birthday party. What they don't know is this year they are actually going to Disneyland for the very time ever! Yes, and they don't know. All they know is that they aren't having a party this year. But that's not until February so for Aria's birthday, we went with something simple.

Since Aria's birthday fell on a Monday we decided to celebrate Sunday by decorating and taking her out. Then Monday a small dinner with family.

On Sunday before Aria's birthday, I decorated the kitchen with Troll's decor. Aria's loves trolls especially Poppy. I got most of the supplies from Party City and Walmart. A few days prior I had ordered her a matching cake and dress for the occasion. When Aria woke up and came into the kitchen that morning she was so happy "it's my bird-day" she said. She admired all her trolls stuff and even had a special breakfast. A sprinkled doughnut.

A little while later we got dressed and headed to one of Ari's favorite places Chuck E Cheese with her cousins. There we ordered a few pizzas and drinks and got a few cards for the littles to play games. Aria even got to meet Chuck E himself. Though she was shyI still managed to sneak a photo or two. Once she cashed in her tickets for a handful of small prizes we headed back home.

At home, we sang happy birthday and let Aria open her gifts. She got a few toys and clothes. Though it rained that entire day Aria still had a good time.

The rain continued into the next day her actual birthday, but that didn't stop the fun. My baby was officially 3. That evening we went out for dinner and Ari's choice of food was chicken strips and chicken. The servers at the restaurant even sung to her.

Though this years birthday turned out different from the last two it made me realize that the most important thing isn't a party, but the most important thing is that Aria is happy not only on her birthday but every day.

I can't wait to see how happy shell be when we head to Disneyland, Happy birthday baby girl.

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