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Christmas n' chill.

Hi friends!
Merry Christmas! Because you know what they say right? Better late than never.

Although Christmas was over a month ago with back to back birthdays in my family, my niece being born, all my new collabs, planning for Disney and everything in between I’ve been super busy. So needless to say my Christmas blog was put on the back burner. I even contemplated not posting it at all. But with so many beautiful photos I took of my girls and their cousins Christmas morning, I couldn’t let them go to waste. Plus a month or ago or not this is my space to share whatever I want. Even if it is a month late ;)

On Christmas Eve we usually go down to the fab ’40s to look at lights, we might bake cookies, get all cozy in our matching family pajamas. Well, this year we did none on that. I spent most of Christmas eve on the floor wrapping gifts like a mad woman, while the kids were with their grandma and my husband went to get a haircut. So yeah we were all spread out. Although I was sort of upset that night not having done any of our yearly traditions looking back on that night now I don’t regret anything. It’s nice to break out of the norm sometimes even on a holiday. 

Christmas came the next day the girls slept in and when they awoke Santa had come and brought them lots of toys and goodies. Aria loved the fact that Santa left half a cookie for her and tipped over the cup after he drank all the milk. All of the girls got everything they wanted which included things like LOL dolls and Barbie’s. They even got things they didn’t want like socks and undies. This year for the girls we had the 4 gift rule. Something they want, need, wear and read. I thought it might save more money but it actually wasn’t too huge of a difference. Not sure if will do it again next year. Other than that Christmas was pretty nice and simple and most importantly the kids had the time of their lives.

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